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  1. Yeah Sparrow it sucks because they said they were going to fix it but after every patch I stand in front of the TV hoping it is better to no avail.
  2. We love this game.

    Since the UI overhaul, the UI font is too small for us to play splitscreen.

    Just wondering if this newest update includes larger more readable UI font or at least if that is on the upcoming to-do list.  We haven't been able to play because it is too difficult to read and we really miss it.

  3. I was eagerly anticipating the update because I had hoped that the update would increase the font size on the UI. I have not played since the April UI overhaul because it is too difficult to read and navigate the UI. We love to play split screen and one of us has to sit in the chair pulled up directly in front of the TV to read the writing to the other. That lasted about 20 minutes and since then we have not played but have missed it dearly. Please increase the font size, we cannot play while trying to squint at tiny blue letters and numbers. I was one of the biggest pr
  4. I have not posted on the forums before but I signed up because the New UI is disheartening. The text is so small that I cannot read anything on my 50" TV and when we try to play split screen player 2's hotbar drops below the viewable screen. I have the UI scale set at max. This is makes the game unplayable. I was excited to tame a horse and effortlessly sort through menus but now I have a headache from squinting at the screen. Please Devs if you are listening increase the font size dramatically and quickly. We cannot play our favorite game until you do. We aren't
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