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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Where to get tons of hide

    Yep theri is king. I've got one 800% meelee and Itake it out mate boosted for 15 minutes, come back with around 10 thousand hide. I Live in redwoods and normally go along the northern side by the water, tons of paracer, bronto, and diplo.
  2. how much meat for multiple babies?

    I hatched 17 pteras the other weekend during a 2x event, I was fine leaving them overnight w/ 8 troughs full... Now this weekend i hatch 8 rexes and get 4 w/ the stats i want to keep, so my brain does the math and assumes half the troughs for 1/4 the amount of dinos should do the trick. well they died. So is there a spreadsheet or document somewhere that lists the amount of food baby dinos eat so i can better prepare? Im assuming rexes require far more meat than pteras, but are there numbers i can look at somewhere instead of going off what everybody thinks "sounds right".
  3. So the PC patch 260....

    The taming speed is increased by 2x, therefore it takes half the amount of kibble because it takes half the amount of time too tame, food consumption is not affected.
  4. Dude, PC players are wide and far known for their min/max attitudes, it's been well documented that m+k is superior to controller, and to think that having more customization and better graphics is a crutch is just fantasy. Please spare us this speculation, you're way off base. The only people who would bother with this competition are those that can't cut it on steam, and even still Xbox players will get absolutely stomped by PC players.
  5. Server Wipe

    Totally agree with this
  6. Server Wipe

    I truly believe if they separate old/new servers and don't allow transfers the old servers will inevitably die anyways, you guys are just paving the way to your own personal pve servers. Established players will not want to play on servers with abusive alphas/alphas they can't hope to compete with. Especially when they get wiped. They will migrate slowly but surely to new servers. New players will obviously flock to new servers en masse. A big portion of the alpha population will want the new game experience as well, so they'll come over to re-experience the early game and play on less laggy, better populated servers. Over time the only people that will be left on the original servers are the people whom are simply playing ark for the pve aspect, and the people whom put a little too much real world worth into their pixelated dino mansions. Wipe or no wipe, it doesn't matter. I bet 75% of original servers will be dead within a year of release so long as they don't allow transfers.
  7. Need more ragnarok servers

    I'd rather not, but my point remains, you're as free to play on a new server as anybody else, you just can't expect your niche server type to get as much attention as the more popular server types. And sorry to be rude, but the analogy is fitting. You can still have a lot of fun with training wheels.
  8. Server Wipe

    My hope is that they just label the current servers as legacy servers and don't allow transfers between any new servers they open at launch. Or even just allow transfers to the legacy servers, but not away from. Id like the chance to play on even ground, I feel like there's a huge gap in ark between the huts on the beach and the mega bases. fresh servers would be very competitive, and sure the mega tribes can build back up in a matter of weeks to dominate, but that's as much a reason to wipe a it is to not wipe. Every mega tribe in ark has benefited from glitches or features that have changed or simply don't exist any more, let them continue to sit on their gold thrives if they want, but don't let them use that influence to affect my gameplay experience, I want to play ark when it's released as it was meant to be.
  9. Need more ragnarok servers

    You can, you just need to stop playing with training wheels.
  10. Question about Wyvern Hatching

    whats the feeding trough glitch... Either way, currently the SE server were based on is down, as well as our main server, so it looks like im not playing ark this weekend. Really frustrating considering the same thing happened last month for like 3 days. Really glad i didnt hatch those eggs when i got home like i planned on.
  11. Ftfy But yeah my theris get about 2k wood per tree, around 40 prime from paracers, but I breed them. A lower level (20-30) will gather loads too though , and not just wood. Fiber, berries, rare mushrooms in the swamp (!)... It will harvest 3-4x more prime than any other dino you have (not to mention mutton), and regular meat as well so no more worryng about empty troughs. it's deff worth it especially on a 1.5x weekend.
  12. Question about Wyvern Hatching

    How is that easier than just traping one every few hours, tho.
  13. Question about Wyvern Hatching

    I've dry run my trap, I have no worries about that. While I do have a few other fire eggs, theYre only level 80-90... But I may a well I suppose. So can I just force feed until their food is full to give myself a longer buffer? Like if I have to leave for work?
  14. So ive got a 115 poison egg im hatching today. Ive got my trap, ive got my wyvern wall set up, everythig i need to get milk (just need to make some salt/vessels/etc to store it), and my egg is sitting in the fridge at .5% incubation. So what should I expect? I know that 1 milk gives a wyvern 1200 food, and it depletes food at 1 per 10 seconds, but how wIll I know when it needs fed? does the food bar on a baby wyvern act differently than a regular baby, like it just slowly goes down to 0 and then the wyvern dies? Is there a prompt or way to tell when you're wyvern needs fed? If imprinting calls for feeding do they only ask to wyvern milk (I.E. am i going to get screwed by not having any dimetrodon eggs because they never lay any damn eggs?). And finally is it going to be feasible to do this if i have to work tomorrow. I work close to home and can stop home on lunch to feed them, but assuming i can get a surplus of milk will i be okay to leave them for 3-4 hours on their own? And finally i know the best spoil time to hope for on the island is 10 hours w/ salt in a bin, but if i keep it uploaded at an obelisk will the timer reset when i take it out? Any and all info would be helpful.
  15. Unwritten rules of pvp?

    Right, that was their reaction too, but saying 'you almost got your base wiped' is a little dramatic... These things are simply not known to new players. I come from 2500 hours in rust, where there are no name plates and notifications, so this raiding mentality is a little new to me...