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  1. @StudioWildcard Rather than turning the conquest servers (That people love), in classic PvP (That we basically have already had which was CrossArk Servers in legacy) why did you's not remove some of the PvE servers or take down the whole Legacy side of the game as it is dead as raptor. All together there are 410 legacy pvp and PvE servers on the whole game, PvE Is full of little kids that spam poop all over the map making it basically a 1 tribe server and they do nothing but ride a stupid ass raptorin dinosaur all day defending their base from a stupid as level 5 dodo. What is the point of PvE and why do we need official PvE servers if there is Unofficial PvE servers that are basically the same. And legacy is completely useless with like 1 tribe across all their servers with a max of like 5 players a day in total.
  2. So rather than fixing the meshing issue and making the game better in multiple ways you's just watch someone do some painting on Youtube?
  3. The file is in there so i dont understand. It works when i dont edit the config but when i do it raptors up. And i dont know how to edit the Data Base i tried using SQlite but don't know how to navigate my way through it. Thanks for the help.
  4. Excuse me im having problem ill send a pic through.
  5. [I'm gonna get banned], have you ever played official Pvp with mega-tribes? You realise its 5 c4 for one raptoring foundation. If you know so much then it'd take more than 50 c4 to build a fob where you have foundation spam/turret towers.
  6. Going to have to have 3x3 turret towers everywhere. inorder to not get griefed as hard and get FOB'd up on
  7. It doesnt Load the plugin whenever i edit anything and its fine on JSON Validator?
  8. ok ill record a video and see whats going wrong
  9. How would i work this on ACM it doesnt load or anything for me
  10. Hey mate does this work for ASM (Ark Server Manager)
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