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  1. I also would like proof of this so I can choose to believe you or not.
  2. You must be relatively new here. They either lie, are incredibly terrible at time management, or have no idea what there doing and are figuring it out as they go all the while throwing out release dates that don’t mean poop. So don’t worry about being “that guy” sometimes I wonder if they would say anything at all if people didn’t weren’t constantly badgering them. So basically keep up the good work.
  3. Because they were never right before and they have finally learned to wait until there sure. Just think every day that goes by it's gonna be at least a week from that day. Plus who cares I hope they delay it until the game is working better instead of piling crap even higher when it's released.
  4. My favorite has to be my two hyenadons Loggins and Messina. They have bailed me out and kept me and my horse safe more than once from packs of dire wolves while I was exploring.
  5. Thanks, that's embarrassing I will call myself stupid on that one
  6. Well for starters it seems video game companies forget who the customers are and it's our fault as gamers for buying games and putting up with stuff like this due to a pretty limited market of good video games. I sure hope no one at this company ever goes to buy something and is forced to wait for food or service because now you know how your customers feel, frustrated, disappointed, and embarrassed for pre ordering the special edition. Second real cute choosing not to mention how you chose to not mention unpopular things in your patch notes like the tether distance slider disappearing from console without a word said in any of the multiple posts about the update or many questions on the forums. Thanks for being upfront haha. Thirdly I play this game every Friday night until 2-3 am this Friday we quit at 1030. With all the glitches bugs and the tether slider being gone it's not fun anymore. You can't just leave something as part of a game for over a month so we get accustomed to the way it is then take it. It's become unbearable without it. I hope next time you remove something like this as quickly as possible because all having it that long reinforced was that it worked fine with it and without it I don't want to even play it. Thanks a lot. Forth pushing a release date back a two weeks ahead of the actual release??!? Wow whoever is in charge needs to sit down and take a look in the mirror and tell them self to be a boss and figure out how long stuff takes. Wouldn't it have been better to complete the game at a later date with a less aggressive deadline and be done early and add really small easy stuff for fun or to hold people over up to release day? Lastly clean up you act and be professional. A lot of your moderators and employees get short or downright rude with people here and on twitter it's pathetic unprofessional and uncalled for. Hold your temper, yes people are upset but the only reason they come here or twitter is to check on the game you made that they love that's where there emotion comes from. I just want to clarify that this is not meant to be mean or disrespectful these are my true opinions of what I think of your game and company and since I'm canceling my preorder do to my utter disappointment in all the events that have taken place that I have listed I thought now would be a good time to voice my thoughts since I will be no longer fearing retaliation by anyone associated with the forum since I will be most likely no longer caring. Thanks for the fun while it shortly lasted and good luck releasing a week before destiny 2 your going to need it.
  7. I hope they didn't take time off for the release I don't think there boss will take them back if they haven't been to work since June 26th. Hahaha
  8. June 8th the main forum page has the estimated time of arrival for pc Xbox and PS4 and they just updated to say the 8th yesterday. Also the twitter has a separate pages for each system and usually someone asks there right after it comes out for pc and most of the time someone responds from WC.
  9. They said they would fix it when content is done being added but obviously that's not good enough for some people. Don't tell me little things have no effect on the game and can be fixed in an hour it's not even close to that easy. Gta fixed the shower so your hand would touch the knob when turned off and a few other small fixes and the game was unplayable for 2 days.
  10. I think it's supposed to be a grind that's the idea of survival games I think bosses and tek tier and the tek cave are the endgame goal. The game is in development and it's early access we are all playing on I'm pretty sure there not gonna fix the game then add stuff then fix the game for a month to make it perfect every time they release new content it would take 20 years to release the game it would be an antique by the time they finished. I'm not sure how many times I have read THE GAMES IS IN EARLY ACCESS WE WILL WORK ON THE OPTIMIZATION AND BUG FIXES WHEN THE MAJOR CONTENT HAS ALL BEEN RELEASED. So all the major content has been released they stated after this patch. I think toilets are more important to get in because you could add the toilet after fixing all the bugs then have to fix them again. It's like building a house you don't start painting and putting the trim on until the house has been framed insulated wired plumbed and sheet rocked. I for one think they have done a fine job keeping the game working while in early access. There are plenty of huge studios who full release games and have way more problems with bugs glitches and lag than WC.
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