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  1. "You cannot realistically expect an attacker to spend hours upon hours soaking turret ammo during a war only to have it refilled because they have no reliable way to destroy it. " why not? 1000 man hours to build a good defense, and you want to be able to tear that down in an hour or so? . You have to set some kind of balance between time spent on defense and time spent on offense.
  2. THE meta is offline raiding .. so of course tapes are just too strong (to structures mostly) If you have watched any of the 6 man streams lately, you will see every big raid is racers pushing forward, drawing fire, and tapes up above shooting catwalks and hatch frames (holding turrets) or tunneling to the generators. here is a question no one seems to have asked.. if 6 people have 1000 man hours into building defenses (lets assume they are the best possible defenses) how many man hours should it take to raid that base offline? if the answer is something like 20 then you are building a game that requires people to play 24/7. again, if you get rid of demolish timer visibility from afar.. the afk raiding meta goes away.. the game becomes 1000x more interesting.
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