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  1. its wildcard bro. they've botched another release
  2. Knowing wildcard, I’m expecting delays and the inability to connect over windows 10. Good thing I bet on that lmao
  3. crossplay refused for PC as expected, a new update means new bugs. cant get on small tribe servers. i get this message.
  4. just killed the same 5 meks from earlier today,yesterday,the day before that. this game is dead. *looks up duping vid*
  5. most people are cowards so it doesn't surprise me at all
  6. doubt the devs play real ark, they're all pve'ers anyway. they can't even fix meshing, or duping
  7. after surviving the legacy dupe wars legit, its time to join the fray. i'm going to be duping hundreds op meks, gigas and manas since just like my black father, wildcard is useless. been fighting dupers for the last 96 hours straight and i'm done playing legit. i'll be informing all my allies on how to do it because we are done losing our legit tames to duped tames. been getting attacked by tribe "we dupe hard' from 69 and 79. wildcard, you brought this on us. we can't even put meshing defenses up because you will just ban us for it. how in gods name are us legit players supposed to survive? yes we could just raid dupers but how can we when they have dedi boxes full of duped ammo, turrets, structures, and thousands of the same tames? how?!? this isnt pve wildcard, do something or we are going to make sure we teach every beach bob and their grandmas how to cheat.
  8. Everyone with a big base is having that problem on my server. Had 2 titans pulled while im stuck standing next to my mana. 10% of my base got smashed as i watched due to the game being unable to put me on the dino. Ping 35 small man servers. I tried to get on my griff earlier today at 8 am est. Its now 3:05 est and still standing next to it.
  9. Yea, they're utterly useless. Just taking out money and raptoring us over
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