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  1. Hi everyone, ? I would like to share my idea about this game, about new updates and also some really old update. Everyone will agree saying that the game balance is actually broken, talking general, too much things are changed since some new maps, new dinos, and new mechanics. Actually there's some dinos that aren't used that much anymore, some are like ghosts in the game, and other that ask too much for what they do, and also other do too much for what they ask. Developers try really much time to balance also PvP in the game and some mechanic with turrets, Plant X without really
  2. "i myself dont use mangarmr" ooooookk another unofficial player, or PvE player, Consider yourself out of this, seriously.
  3. Never Happened thigs before on a mega base or in a base well made. If you build base really Bad everyone can throw inside also dodo dude, i'm playing official since the day 1, and i play on mega tribe, i'm a tribe leader and i never saw people """"jumping"""" on my base, or also one of my members doing that. this is really a science fiction lol "you don't see any big difference" cause you don't have bases in Aberration. but let me explain how ARK work. to keep up bases in all other maps, Aberration is a MUST. and good luck with one dash to move there, you've
  4. i don't think so, Wild Card use to do this kind of stuff, they saw that 100% of people don't agree with that nerf, so i think that just put a soft update without also write that so that people don't start drama. I play this game since day 1, they did the same with the water glitch for breeding, the nerf of movement speed for character, also for volatiles and much more stuff. If they continue like this, people continue to quit. I already know this will be deleted lol, but they're throwing their self problem to their game.. Wanna an example? you can't even imagi
  5. lol they actually nerfed mana again with the last little update (the server one) less dash damage. really much less.
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