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  1. With ark 2 coming out exclusive to Xbox, we feel a little left out. I'm sure, if it wasn't so difficult to determine, the number of players on the PlayStation network has always been quite high. We love the game. Perhaps a nod in the form of an update optimized for the ps5. This wouldn't have to be exclusive of course, our maladjusted friends at Xbox could also benefit and enjoy this before the hoarding commences w part 2. Also if you have any sway with our Sony overlords, maybe push for cross play again? Making it a free upgrade would be awesome also. As we saw w horizon, folks aren
  2. Hi Jat!  

    I came across this article about pubg creator's intent to make it a games as a service model.  It seems like ark could utilize a similar model, all things considered.  Do you have any thoughts about such a model?  Here is the article... https://apple.news/AJVT-ahngRDyXvpI4RtCv3w 

  3. Hello, I am not sure if this is a bug, or user issue, but when I play single player on PS4 I never find titanaboa eggs. My inclination is that it has something to do with render range and after creating a snake pit in the swamp as recommended by nooblets, I still had no luck. The same with scorched earth, although I haven't done the snake pit yet. Also, I wasn't able to get moschops to harvest prime fish meat after trying the recommendations seen in other posts in the forums. Recently I lost pteradons and argies in an attempt to transfer from the island to scorched earth. I
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