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  1. I like forward to seeing the results of this. The duping on PS4 servers has been getting out of hand.
  2. The only thing that stops a cave from being raided is online defenders with mesh biting gigas. It is that simple. Many other things can be discussed but this is the one thing that makes raiding a cave base almost impossible. Titans, cryo pods, & the mesh detection are moving the meta towards the smaller hard to raid locations that were previously not as viable and that does not just include caves. I don't think caves are the problem themselves and it will be difficult to drive people back to standard land bases. Any land base will be a target for large raids over caves as you can properly push them with large numbers and titans. Caves have always been targets for offline raiding and griefs. Find a way to fix mesh biting gigas in caves and I think it will make cave raids much more viable. Make cave raids more viable and it should naturally balance out as poorly built caves will get easily wiped and well built caves will still have a chance to be properly defended.
  3. PS4 372 is offline again and has been for 5 or 6 hours.

  4. Server 372 has been offline for 4 or 5 hours. Looks like 369-371 as well. We'd all appreciate it a lot if someone could look into the issue. Thanks!

    1. AZZTECH


      Yo 353 has been down for 3 days now 

    2. Hogjr


      Ps4 server 353 has been down for almost 4 days now.

      i finally started a new character last night, in case 353 never comes back up, on ps4 server 375.

      this morning server 375 disappeared from the list too.


      you're starting to piss me off.

    3. JB4222


      372 came back up after 5 or 6 hours but was mostly just constant crashing until it completely crashed again today. Whatever is going on seems to be getting worse.

  5. I've gotten used to it but some things are definitely a bit small and hard to read.
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