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  1. Playerbase: Groaning from endless exploits. Thousands of duped Meks and Tames wiping PS4 servers. Duping issue still not fixed. Meshing and Ddos rampant everywhere... WC: bUt We ExtEndED ThE TUrKeY TrIAl GuYs!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Guess I need to buy a PC then. Maybe it's just a different world on console, but I can tell you it isn't pleasant.
  3. Alright. Let me know when they get around to console. I'll withhold judgement until we see the results of this. The game will still be plagued with the same issues.
  4. No. They aren't. I'm not sure what game you play. They aren't proactively fixing known methods for meshing that have known about for months. Also the worst case scenario punishment is a character ban, which takes an experienced player with a couple friends like one day of gameplay to replace if they don't already have half a dozen alts waiting in the wings. They can't enforce their own CoC adequately.
  5. I agree and maybe that is part of the problem of why everyone's complaints about enforcement are ignored. Cheating is detrimental to those types of games. But if you spent 1000+ hours building a base, and I meshed it while you were offline. Stole all your stuff and destroyed your hard work, I'm pretty sure you would feel a pretty strong sense of loss. And I would feel like I won when I'm using all the free stuff I got from you. There are winners and losers everyday in this game. Even if it is just between two people or tribes.
  6. Ok, but you are comparing real life to a video game which is a bs comparison. You should compare it to other games. Compare it to professional sports. They have multiple officials watching every play and several different re-playable camera angles. All these things are designed to make sure that the game is played as closely to to previously agreed upon terms of the game. That way it is fair for both competitors and there is very little room for error. The best team usually wins because if you don't win within the boundaries of the rules you will be penalized. There is little to none of that in this game. People break the rules all the time and are winning because their is total failure in moderating the outcome and methods players are using. Stop thinking about meshing and duping as some violation of a transcendent moral code enforced on all people on earth. You can kill people and steal from them in this game. I am simply suggesting that they expand the the acceptable limits of gameplay until they have an actual method to enforce them.
  7. I don't agree. This is a video game and cannot be compared to real life Breaking laws in real life has real life consequences that affect other people. Also, the penalties to being caught committing a real crime are significant enough to act as an actual deterrent to committing the crime in the first place. Also, real life law enforcement is not nearly as incompetent as the enforcement in this game, so if you want to roll the dice with breaking the law in real life you are at a significant risk of receiving an actual punishment that can significantly impact your life. In real life, having laws actually works for the majority of the population The CoC in a video game is arbitrary. The game is designed around immoral ideas already. Raiding, stealing, and killing people is not acceptable in real life, but it is the point of a PVP oriented game. So any other moral restrictions are just the arbitrary restrictions imposed by the game designer. Currently meshing and duping are considered against the CoC. If you changed these things to just be a feature of the game available to anyone who plays it, you are not breaking any rules, you are just expanding the acceptable limits within the competitive environment.
  8. I guess my point is that it is already blatantly dysfunctional. At least by removing the CoC you are creating a fair environment for all players. Perhaps completely eliminating the CoC might be too extreme. Instead remove anything from the CoC that cannot or is not adequately enforced. Once the dev's come up with a fix or way to enforce one or more of the major issues, then a global wipe can occur, and the CoC will be updated with new restrictions that they are capable of enforcing. It only hurts legitimate players to have an unenforced CoC
  9. I don't think it would kill the Official servers. They are already continuing to operate with all these flaws. I think this would just level the playing field between exploiters and legitimate players. There most likely would be some move to unofficial, and I agree that wouldn't be a bad thing.
  10. State of the Game: Eliminate the Code of Conduct for Official PVP In its current state, the integrity of the game is 100% broken. Recap of all the issues: Meshing is against the code of conduct, however, meshing is an epidemic. People do it all the time and even brag and/or threaten about it in global chat. Tribes are getting meshed wiped constantly. Players are using mechanics that have been posted on youtube for months, and yet these methods are still not patched out. Players may get banned if they are found to have a meshed base, however, there is zero enforcement against players who mesh to attack a base, as it is difficult to prove any wrongdoing unless you are online and get video evidence. Even if you get the evidence, these violations often go unpunished. Furthermore, even if you did catch AND enforce a ban on their accounts, smart players only mesh on alternate accounts anyways, so you only stop them for a time until they get their next alt account up and running. However, on the other hand, if you place defenses in the mesh you are subject to dev wipe. Duping is against the code of conduct, however, duping is now also an epidemic. Anyone can do it and almost everyone is doing it. People have vaults full of 65k+ hp and 450+dmg meks. The only significant counter to meks is that they are rare and expensive. Now that people have a unlimited supply of god-tier meks they are virtually unstoppable if applied correctly given the limit turrets/defense. Duping can also be used to have an unlimited supply of backup imprinted tames with over capped saddles stored in cryofridges waiting to be deployed once the first one is lost. Real money trading is against the code of conduct, however, people are selling stuff, legit and duped alike, for money all over the place. So now even if you do determine has been duping items and wipe them, they have sold thousands of tames/meks to legit players. There is no way to trace this stuff, and it would be unfair to ban people who did not dupe, but may have inadvertently profited duped items from raids and or legitimate in-game trades. Not too mention the people selling for cash could care less if their character gets banned, they will take their hundreds/thousands of dollars in profit and walk, or start an alt account and continue their business. Ddosing is against the code of conduct, however, ddosing is as prevalent as ever. Certain tribes/servers are virtually unraidable as any attempt on their base/server results in ddos. To this day however, I have never heard of a single case in which their has been any type of enforcement against a player who is ddosing. Perhaps it is because it is almost impossible to prove. Teaming in Small Tribes is against the code of conduct, however, teaming is a constant. Small Tribes has basically turned into server vs. server alliances. Servers have large discord groups and can coordinate alliances. I am not sure why you would expect any other result in the way that the servers are set up, but regardless, it is against the code of conduct and rarely/never enforced. The result of all this is you have a huge player base that fall into different groups: 1) Experienced players who are exploiting the game in any or all of the above ways. They are smart and know how to set up alternate accounts and backup strategies, so that even if they do receive some form of disciplinary action, they ultimately can continue to play and exploit. 2) Experienced players who play legitimately. Some players have enough integrity to play the game legitimate, however, they are at an overwhelming disadvantage against players/tribes which dupe and mesh. This group is dying and most are likely to quit the game as they refuse to cheat, however, they are fed up with getting wiped and losing countless hours of work to cheaters. 3) Experienced players that have played legit in the past, but are slowly considering resorting to exploits as that is what is required to survive in the game's current state. Whether it be trying to compete with exploiters directly, or surviving in a game where the economy and balance is completely broken by the presence of duped items. 4) New players who are oblivious to all of this. They try to play the game and learn the basic mechanics and just get steam-rolled by exploiters and legit players alike. They may be completely oblivious to all the exploits of this game as it takes months if not years to understand the depth of the game. They either stick around until they end up in one of the above groups, or just quit. So ultimately I wonder: Why even have a code of conduct? It is a fairy tale. It is painfully obvious that the majority of rules in the code of conduct either are not or cannot be enforced. Meanwhile, a large majority of the player base is caught in an uncomfortable moral dilemma where you almost need to exploit the game in order to compete with other players who are exploiting the game on a grand scale or face losing everything. Why don't we just dispense with the "Code of Conduct" at this point, as it is a joke in all intents and purposes. I would totally support this game and have more respect for it if it became survival by any means possible. The only restrictions would be what the actual game environment restricts. Otherwise, make official servers the Wild West where anything goes, which it basically is already. By doing this you are at least being honest with your player base. Instead of promising all these fixes and increases to enforcement which never materialize, and continuously disappointing players like myself who are endlessly waiting for some fix to restore integrity and justice in the game. By doing this you could ultimately wash your hands of the constant complaining, abuse tickets, and criticism of broken mechanics. Simply say the game is what it is. Then players can make an informed decision on whether Official servers are the right choice for them, or whether a private server with active admins/enforcement is a better option.
  11. I am painfully aware of this, and too have not lost anything that significant due to meshing. But these spots are few and far between. When you combine things like meshing, quetz hatchframe, and turret limit it makes tlarge majority of places on the map no longer viable.
  12. This most likely is true. Even so they could do way more in terms of patching known methods of getting in the mesh. I feel like they used to do this, but now they don't even bother. At least make people work to cheat and discover new ways to mesh by eliminating the old. Now days you can look up a 4 month old youtube vid and wipe most players at your convenience
  13. Mesh Fix - Please make this a priority I play on console, so I cannot speak to the state of the game on PC. On console however, meshing is an absolute epidemic. IMO this is the best console game I have ever played. While I appreciate the new content and look forward to Genesis, unfortunately, all of this great stuff is completely overshadowed by meshing, and has been for a very long time. It is hard to be optimistic about a game, and look forward to new content, when it is fundamentally broken at it's core. It's so easy for people to mesh in the current state of the game. There are mesh methods that have been around for months that still have not been patched. Current enforcement is not adequate to deter people from continuing to mesh, and people talk, threaten, and brag about meshing constantly in global chat. Players can easily have unlimited alternate accounts, and are not scared of being banned on one, because they can just play on another. 95%+ percent of each map is susceptible to meshing, so practically no one is safe from this unless you spend hours in single player ghosting and finding the right spots (which are painfully few). If you place some form of permanent mesh defense in place you are just asking to be reported and dev wiped, however, raiding tribes can literally get in, fire rockets, tek saddle, tek rifle etc, and get out with limited liability and chances of being caught. These problems got a lot of exposure a few months ago, and it appeared for a short while to be a priority to address these issues. But now there is barely a mention of any action being made on this other than the occasional "We are still looking at this...". Its toxic and eroding the player base on PVP. Our server has been gutted by offline mesh attacks. No one wants to spend hundreds to thousands of hours on a game just to lose all progress to some cheaters that exploit mechanics. Most just quit and move on to something else after they lose everything, and who can blame them. Please make this a top priority. While I still hope that there is some all-encompassing plan to eliminate meshing as a whole, in the mean time we need to see some action. Have some members of the dev team monitor youtube for mesh methods and patch these methods promptly. Design a way to enforce the Code of Conduct. Make a significant effort to restore integrity into the current game, before just focusing all resources on selling the next map which is doomed to be plagued with these same issues.
  14. Tek Armor suggestions (Function and Blueprints) 1) Can you add the color scheme (Green, Blue, Purple, Mastercraft, and Ascendant) to Tek Armor Blueprints? The the majority of this armor is currently very cost prohibitive and IMO the Ramshackle and Apprentice level versions are the only practical options for crafting. Also if you obtain a significant amount of these blueprints it is very difficult to navigate through them without any differentiating colors. 2) Rebalance Cost: Most of the Blueprints for Tek Armor are just way too expensive to make. Given the fact that lag, game crashes, and also unnoticed random heavy turrets can kill you at any time, it just does not seem realistic to wear a piece of armor that costs 15k ingots, 8 k polymer, and 600 element; much less 5 pieces. The risk of losing the items and the extreme cost to repairing the items just makes these blueprints useless IMO. Or make the blueprints only spawn in Ramshackle/Apprentice levels so they are at least potentially worthwhile to craft. Most the BPs we get are of the MC and ASC level quality, and just get put in a vault to never be used. 3) Make Tek Helmet immune to poison grenades and Poison Wyvern Torpor effects. THis seems like a no-brainer to me. End game gear should have this time of protection.
  15. Can confirm this on PS4^ Needs to be addressed.
  16. Is PC experiencing the same issue with longnecks ignoring all armor? On console people are getting one shot contstantly in ascendant flak by prim and ramshackle longnecks. Was this intended? I was all about the change to these guns as I think they needed a buff. But I think they are way overpowered at the moment. This Beta is cool and making adjustments is necessary, but I hope they just don't break stuff and move on to the next thing to break... Also, I agree with the nerf to tek tappy damage to structures. But why nerf its damage to players and tames?
  17. "Preserving the integrity of our official network". Hate to break it to you Cedric, but you are living in a fantasy land with this statement. There is no integrity to be preserved, as the game is completely overrun with cheating and exploits at this point. Your team should really be in crisis mode trying to fix these problems or your player base is going to die. We've had three tribes quit off of our official server on console this week. All three were meshed resulting in a total wipe. These tribes had played on the server for months, with large well defended bases. The players responsible were taunting the entire server and openly admitting to meshing. Our tribe offered to help the meshed tribes out with supplies and tames to get back on their feet, and all three tribes refused. Why rebuild when it is just inevitable that you will lose everything to exploits again anyway. I can hardly blame them for quitting, and if my tribe gets meshed I know that I will be done with the game as well. Meshing ruins the game in itself, however, its only one of the huge game breaking flaws of Ark. Our server gets DDOS'ed almost daily. People are selling server and player IP's on facebook. Anyone with a computer or phone app can just casually take down your servers and make attempting to play on them a nightmare. DDOSing is completely out of control. Fortunately you guys made what is quite possible the best open world sandbox game available. You can preserve and restore your player base if you start taking these issues seriously, and listen to the players. Please fix the game.
  18. Any decisions on the future of the "Experimental No Tame Servers"? I have been playing this exclusively on PS4. Will these still remain as Legacy servers and no longer be considered experimental? Will there be a new No Tame cluster? Will one or both include Ragnarok?
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