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  1. Tek Armor suggestions (Function and Blueprints) 1) Can you add the color scheme (Green, Blue, Purple, Mastercraft, and Ascendant) to Tek Armor Blueprints? The the majority of this armor is currently very cost prohibitive and IMO the Ramshackle and Apprentice level versions are the only practical options for crafting. Also if you obtain a significant amount of these blueprints it is very difficult to navigate through them without any differentiating colors. 2) Rebalance Cost: Most of the Blueprints for Tek Armor are just way too expensive to make. Given the fact that lag, game crashes, and also unnoticed random heavy turrets can kill you at any time, it just does not seem realistic to wear a piece of armor that costs 15k ingots, 8 k polymer, and 600 element; much less 5 pieces. The risk of losing the items and the extreme cost to repairing the items just makes these blueprints useless IMO. Or make the blueprints only spawn in Ramshackle/Apprentice levels so they are at least potentially worthwhile to craft. Most the BPs we get are of the MC and ASC level quality, and just get put in a vault to never be used. 3) Make Tek Helmet immune to poison grenades and Poison Wyvern Torpor effects. THis seems like a no-brainer to me. End game gear should have this time of protection.
  2. Can confirm this on PS4^ Needs to be addressed.
  3. Is PC experiencing the same issue with longnecks ignoring all armor? On console people are getting one shot contstantly in ascendant flak by prim and ramshackle longnecks. Was this intended? I was all about the change to these guns as I think they needed a buff. But I think they are way overpowered at the moment. This Beta is cool and making adjustments is necessary, but I hope they just don't break stuff and move on to the next thing to break... Also, I agree with the nerf to tek tappy damage to structures. But why nerf its damage to players and tames?
  4. PLEASE DISABLE CLIMBING PICKS ON PVP SERVERS At this point, I don't really understand why climbing picks are still in the game. It was a cool idea to add into the game with Aberration, but unfortunately when used in combination with other game mechanics it is constantly being exploited for meshing. Even though they fix certain ways, people seem to keep finding ways to get under the mesh with climbing picks. We were plagued with the snow owl exploit which was fixed. Then it was the crab exploit which utilized climbing picks. This was fixed by changing crab mechanics but leaving the climbing picks in game. Now we are still getting meshed. Recently killed a player outside our cave who had random structures, and climbing picks in his inventory. The following day the same player was dropping all of our cliff platform turret towers and structures from underneath the mesh. Whatever method he is using is not common knowledge to the community. At least when the crab method was publicized we could fight back. Now our entire base can be destroyed without being able to defend ourselves. The most disappointing thing is that when the crab method was still viable, our tribe debated putting beds and turret tower in the mesh for defense. We ultimately decided not to because we did not want to get banned. Looks like doing the right thing was the wrong decision. PLEASE TAKE THESE OUT OF THE GAME. They don't add enough fun/utility to the game to justify their existence. The exploits and negative impact they bring far outweighs benefits.
  5. "Preserving the integrity of our official network". Hate to break it to you Cedric, but you are living in a fantasy land with this statement. There is no integrity to be preserved, as the game is completely overrun with cheating and exploits at this point. Your team should really be in crisis mode trying to fix these problems or your player base is going to die. We've had three tribes quit off of our official server on console this week. All three were meshed resulting in a total wipe. These tribes had played on the server for months, with large well defended bases. The players responsible were taunting the entire server and openly admitting to meshing. Our tribe offered to help the meshed tribes out with supplies and tames to get back on their feet, and all three tribes refused. Why rebuild when it is just inevitable that you will lose everything to exploits again anyway. I can hardly blame them for quitting, and if my tribe gets meshed I know that I will be done with the game as well. Meshing ruins the game in itself, however, its only one of the huge game breaking flaws of Ark. Our server gets DDOS'ed almost daily. People are selling server and player IP's on facebook. Anyone with a computer or phone app can just casually take down your servers and make attempting to play on them a nightmare. DDOSing is completely out of control. Fortunately you guys made what is quite possible the best open world sandbox game available. You can preserve and restore your player base if you start taking these issues seriously, and listen to the players. Please fix the game.
  6. Any decisions on the future of the "Experimental No Tame Servers"? I have been playing this exclusively on PS4. Will these still remain as Legacy servers and no longer be considered experimental? Will there be a new No Tame cluster? Will one or both include Ragnarok?
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