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  1. I've used this program on a windows laptop for years without issue, including using it earlier today. Tonight my Mcafee virus protection flagged it and automatically deletes the file when I go to install. Were there any recent changes that may have caused this? I didnt make any changes to my antivrus or update the smart breeder app today, and I am scratching my head as to why all of a sudden it was flagged and deleted/
  2. Playerbase: Groaning from endless exploits. Thousands of duped Meks and Tames wiping PS4 servers. Duping issue still not fixed. Meshing and Ddos rampant everywhere... WC: bUt We ExtEndED ThE TUrKeY TrIAl GuYs!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Is PC experiencing the same issue with longnecks ignoring all armor? On console people are getting one shot contstantly in ascendant flak by prim and ramshackle longnecks. Was this intended? I was all about the change to these guns as I think they needed a buff. But I think they are way overpowered at the moment. This Beta is cool and making adjustments is necessary, but I hope they just don't break stuff and move on to the next thing to break... Also, I agree with the nerf to tek tappy damage to structures. But why nerf its damage to players and tames?
  4. "Preserving the integrity of our official network". Hate to break it to you Cedric, but you are living in a fantasy land with this statement. There is no integrity to be preserved, as the game is completely overrun with cheating and exploits at this point. Your team should really be in crisis mode trying to fix these problems or your player base is going to die. We've had three tribes quit off of our official server on console this week. All three were meshed resulting in a total wipe. These tribes had played on the server for months, with large well defended bases. The players r
  5. Any decisions on the future of the "Experimental No Tame Servers"? I have been playing this exclusively on PS4. Will these still remain as Legacy servers and no longer be considered experimental? Will there be a new No Tame cluster? Will one or both include Ragnarok?
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