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  1. Jelly fish aggro range

    As I did not dare to dive too deep in the waters I cannot say anything about Plesios and Mosas, so maybe you are right.
  2. So, I was PvE wiped...

    I am sorry for you guy. Things like this always seems to confirm my decision of having my own server. I would not tolerate things like that on my server and everybody who do this here in purpose (I am not talking about being chased and accidentially it happens) will be banned immediately.
  3. Jelly fish aggro range

    As the titel says already. This is a thread about the aggro range of these jelly fishs. In my opinion it is riddiculous high. I was in the water near my base with one of my Ankylos to harvest some of the rocks there and they were relatively far away in deeper water. And suddenly I noticed they were swimming towards me and my Ankylo, I could escape, but it was close. I was able to shoot the two jelly fishs then with the crossbow and harvested them, but it seems riddiculous how far away they can notice someone swimming in the water. A Megalodon was also close to the jelly fishs, but it did not aggro me at all.
  4. Fur and Ghillie loot

    Till now I just caught Coels and Piranhas, so I have to change my fishing location then
  5. How to avoid Leedsichthys?

    Ok, I think I will craft another raft and will not build on it first and give it a try, thanks all for your answers, advices and opinions.
  6. How to avoid Leedsichthys?

    Fixed? I thought that this is one of the main reasons for the creature to make travelling with a raft more dangerous as this was till now by far the easiest and less dangerous way of travelling. So I really don't want to wipe out that risk completely, just to know any tactics to be taken to minimize it.
  7. How to avoid Leedsichthys?

    The topic says it already. I used to use my raft very often, when I travelled around the Island and especially now with the flyer nerf, my raft would be even more important for me to travel and especially to transport my Dinos from point A to B. But now with this Leedsichthy, the only water creature that would attack any raft swimming by, I did not dare to give it a try yet. So are there any tactics to minimize the risk of being attacked by a Leedsichthy while sailing? Thanks Tina
  8. Despicable Dinos

    I dislike totally those little bugs, the Tytanomyrma and Meganeura, they are pests and not useful at all. One cannot even collect many Chitin after killing them (Trilobites are much mor effective in that regard). All the other animals on the Island I don't care, all of them have somehow their use.