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  1. Yes please update the game. I love the portability of the switch and being to play ark wherever but it's not fair that the game is not up to date and the graphics are subpar compared to other switch games. And please give us the flex. I miss my jerboas!
  2. kinda sad the candy effect is only 24 hrs in effect. Was nice to finally be able to use tell apart me and my bros wyverns lol.
  3. EmmysaurusRex

    Ravagers Ark Tribe

    Images from my current tribe the Ravagers. Server: NA-PVE-XboxOfficial-TheIsland480 All images watermarked for/originally featured on tumblr: https://ravagersarktribe.tumblr.com/
  4. so im curious will there be legacy ragnarok servers or will we be forced to start over/create a new character to play on ragnarok? (specifically related pve, I don't play pvp... Of that makes a difference)
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