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  1. Cabal

    A message from Studio Wildcard

    Atlas wasn't even worth my money. Couldn't even log into any server at all. Hopefully ya'll can fix the problems with ARK, it's at least a decent game, glitchy at times but still decent. More DLC's great idea, just don't rush to put them out. And all would go smoothly. Any other games ya'll working on, slow down on them so that you can find the errors better. And have a truly polished game for release. Even if it means another year in development. Better that then a day 1 update.
  2. Cabal

    ARK is coming to mobile. what are your thoughts?

    Like the idea of it, yes. Even though WC does need to fix the core game code. Even with the low ping rate I can get, it’s not nice having the stagger effect happen every few mins. Best ping rate to date is 23, but with the stutter it’s more like using 28.8 dial up. So WD, you got your work cut out for ya’ll. Make it fun, and make it clean from the start. Otherwise ya’ll have a bunch of us gamers avoiding anything else you put out. As is am sure some gamers are avoiding WC.