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  1. yes it is disappointing to all of us. but bare in mind igits everything going on in the world. how many lost lives to covid-19, and now all the other igits out there protesting and cant even keep distance from eachother. think about everything in the big picture. i believe it to be a smart thing to do, and a small sacrifice to pay. so what if it gives WC a bit more time to work on it. give your head a fracing shake would ya's. not saying that all of us must agree, but at least show some compassion and empathy towards everyone else. some of us are behind WC on this idea. also did you pay for the new dlc, i dont think so. do we pay for the anniversary events they give us, again no. so shut the frac up, and take it as you get it. those who do not remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.
  2. Well hate to be the bearer of bad news folks, but they still be down as far as I can tell. Just spent the last several minutes trying to get online, and still nothing.
  3. Well now its just me, so I would be looking for a tribe as well. But would need to know which servers are worth the time. And not getting raided every few days/weeks.
  4. which ones, and maybe i'll bring one of my toons over, to check them out.
  5. So far have been enjoying Rag, just not Asia-Rag111. it's filled with a bunch of honorless, jerks who seem to get off on raiding everybody they dont know at all. but will let my friends know.
  6. Seeking a friendly but fun PVP server for PC. I have a toon, along with a couple of friends, and we are constantly getting mauled on the Asia server we went to. We have had to rebuild several times. I know it's a pvp thing, and I accept that. But when you are trying to get even a small base put up, it's bloody well annoying. We aren't out to rule just to have some fun, and to be honest in my opinion pve sucks hard core. 2 of us played or do still play on rag 1. Any suggestions folks.
  7. Anybody else have some new comments on this one before I commit? I like the idea, but just not sure about it.
  8. Atlas wasn't even worth my money. Couldn't even log into any server at all. Hopefully ya'll can fix the problems with ARK, it's at least a decent game, glitchy at times but still decent. More DLC's great idea, just don't rush to put them out. And all would go smoothly. Any other games ya'll working on, slow down on them so that you can find the errors better. And have a truly polished game for release. Even if it means another year in development. Better that then a day 1 update.
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