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  1. >primarily primitive Yeeeeaaaah, sorry guys, but you're gonna lose me there. The setting of Ark was fascinating because it was this super sci-fi story of mystery and wonder underneath the brutally primitive surface. If you take that out, it's basically every other low-tech level survival game out there. Just with dinosaurs. I'm just...frankly not interested in that, sorry. It sounds boring, and sacrificing Ark's key traits that make it stand out.
  2. This might be a bit iffy within the confines of the rules for suggestions, but hear me out on this. Server rates are at your discretion, but the game operates with one sole difference. There are no engrams. Oh sure, you can probably give people a few freebies, based on what a normal run-of-the-mill schmuck would understand how to hack together (rock tied to stick equals hatchet, pile of stone and logs equals campfire, etc). But anything more advanced than sticks and rocks? You have to get a blueprint for it. And that's the ONLY way you can craft things. Suddenly, bluepri
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