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  1. Heya all, sorry for the late reply. There are indeed more hidden colors. Someone has send me a message on discord that there are more colors in the 3000 id numbers. for example color 3023 is almost the same, but a bit darker purple then the one I had in the picture. I've seen many awesome mutations on your screenshots of your steam! nicely done! ooh nice, we all would love to know what the id numbers are
  2. I made a video with my testings, bug/glitch findings and improvement suggestions. Some of the things are already mentioned and others not. Good luck with making it even better!
  3. I tried more ID's, but after ID 56, the list keeps repeating it self, so 57 is the same as nr 1 etc etc. I went up to between 100 and 200, but nothing new appeared. only the same colors of the list, repeating itself.
  4. In case you wonder, here is a picture of the blue and purple next to it. Someone on my discord says its because the textures are distorting the color..... but that would mean this color is a "normal" color of the color ID list, but due to a glitch it turns into this bright purple. I'm so confused with this.
  5. Heya, I got myself a funky color mutation. I checked the color id's of the creatures, but its not there. So it's unknown what the color ID is for this one. No it's not any of the blue or purple colors that are know on the wiki. Has any of you seen this color before? Does anyone maybe even know the color ID for it? In case you wonder for the known color IDs you can check them here: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Color_IDs
  6. Gratzzz @Monkeypuzzle and @ranger1presents for winning the ARKitect Award!! Gratzzz @nakedzombo for winning the ARKVideo Award!! Always nice to see the content that is getting posted here
  7. Congrats @Wolf Angelus for winning the ARKitect Award! Nice to see al teh creativity everytime again and again in this contest
  8. Aah oke, I see. Yea then it's understandable
  9. You won a lot of those ARKart awards didn't you? Are they to much time consuming?
  10. @Valoule Gratzz on the ARKitect award mate!! @Okim Gratzzz on the ARKart award!! Always nice to see your art works I really need to work out new ideas for the ARKitect, been a while for me
  11. Welcome back from PAX, I can imagine it was amazing!! Fun to see this different community crunch. @The Lime Inc. Gratzz on the ARKitect Award!! Amazing job building that !!
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