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  1. Ark Server 170 Ragnarok I dont know if anyone else has noted this but I went back to the xbox official server 170 ragnarok and I was on there for a few hours and disconnected 6 or 7 times while I was on. On one occasion I was just standing there looking something up on my phone and I disconnected. one of my tribemates mentioned that it is really only a problem on this server and I have to agree, not once have I randomly disconnected from the center, the island, abberration, or valguero. Can someone from wildcard please look into this. Thank you
  2. When Ark "officially" released into the world and was no longer a beta it was noted that Legacy servers would be removed over time. Speculation was that everyone would move to the new official servers and get a fresh start. It was also noted that the legacy servers would not get the support and new maps but they have gotten each of the new maps every single time. It almost makes me regret having left my legacy server because despite the fact that there are less people on the servers there is still no reason for these people to migrate other than a higher dino cap. I think the best way to force players out of the legacy servers is to just stop all added content, all evolution events stop everything in Legacy so its just the base game for them. DO NOT add the Valguero map to the legacy clusters that way these players miss out unless they join the rest of the population in the official or unofficial servers. Frankly I think the legacy players need to do what Frozen teaches us and Let it Go. The best part of starting over is getting to experience it all again but better because you know what you are doing. I had a blast restarting on the official servers. I say just end the Legacy cluster any player of any game knows that what makes a game great is replay-ability. Ark has that and here is an opportunity for a fresh start.
  3. I like them for the ability to get 50 prime fish meat quick.
  4. I realize you already said you dont want to play different maps but what my tribe has routinely done is we have our established main base which is usually on the Center and then we expand out to the other maps that we want to play on. This leaves us the opportunity to acquire the other unique dinos from the other maps while still playing on our favorite map. Your other option if you dont want to do that is just save up your ingots or poly and buy a wyvern from one of the other tribes then you can fly that around the map faster. Closing the transfers on official would kill the game that is literally one of the best parts of PVE and PVP.
  5. Not looking to buy or sell just want to know if anyone has really mutated the gasbags yet.
  6. Hello, I wanted to know the highest base stats for bred gasbags on PVE official XBox one. I have tried to find this out and havent been able to. Anyone have any idea. In particular I am looking at stamina, Oxygen and weight.
  7. What we have done is we set up a ceiling tile about 4 walls up and then brought wood ramps down. We then placed the snow owls right in front on the ceiling tile and then placed the gacha right in front of it on the wood ramp. The crystals fall right down and the gacha no longer sits on them because they are at the bottom of the ramp.
  8. I would love to see several of the items in Primitive plus be added to the main game of Ark and then close down the rest to just a Mod. I love things like the meat traps and some of the unique crafting tables and storage designs. Making lumber instead of just wood added a cool look to the structures.
  9. My tribe does it with three Gigas that are ridden with usually a couple in cryopods for backup and an owl for healing also in a pod and only pulled out between waves, force feeding your giga also helps with the healing. Make sure to have a really good saddle at least a Journeyman or better.
  10. I can go pretty much anywhere on the official servers I play on and find places to build. As was mentioned some of the veteran players on the servers will often direct you to areas where you can build. Sometimes if you are lucky and you find a place to build that doesnt have a specific resource node there you can get the player to remove their pillars you just have to ask. If not tame a pteradon and fly the map to see if you can find a place or just build a raft and live on that until you can find a place to establish.
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