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  1. I would love to see several of the items in Primitive plus be added to the main game of Ark and then close down the rest to just a Mod. I love things like the meat traps and some of the unique crafting tables and storage designs. Making lumber instead of just wood added a cool look to the structures.
  2. For the Digest. With the additions to the game from S+ can you please add the nanny, the gardener and the dodo nest. If you cant please explain why not.
  3. Hey with the S+ when will it be added to consoles and can you please add the dodo nest, the gardner, the nanny please. We would love to have those as well.
  4. New creature looks like the dragon from never ending story....I shall tame it and name it Falcor!
  5. Just kill off the legacy servers already. I struggled with leaving them for a long time but I have had a blast starting over on official and getting as far as I have in such a short time because of my experience on legacy. Plus I have tribe members that just refuse to let go of our old legacy bases and make the jump to official with the rest of us.
  6. The moon in the background is pretty cool too, any chance that will play a part in the arkverse as well?
  7. PLEASE and add a way for us to unlock the transmitter without taking down the dragon.
  8. Give me an epic way to kill the ichy birds the little thieves! Like a tek Dilo that can shoot them out of the air or better yet a mini reaper that can shoot them out of the air and then jump on them and devour them in one bite!. Either way Super stoked about this DLC looks like it has all new challenges and adventures. Bring it!
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