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  1. Switch gets nothing again? Not even rates again? 2 and half hours everyone else is into the event, we planned for it, but we got nothing. What did Nintendo Switch owners do so wrong? To be constantly neglected? Besides purchase your product and be die hard fans through its brokeness?
  2. There ya go Nintendo Switch customers, once again we are left out of yet another event, forgotten again. It's pretty common place for Wild Card to completely keep neglecting Nintendo Switch customers whilst trying to sell us yet another version that will be equally unsupported. This has been a constant since Arks release 3 years ago on Nintendo Switch, expect it in the new release version as well.
  3. Hey Wild Card, why don't we stay on topic of games, period, you are not the worlds morality police nor educated in reproductive and constitutional rights, you're just game developer's, not particularly good ones either, still new and still don't know how to provide proper support for your broken software's. Maybe more focus on how you make your games work properly and play better and less on what others are doing? Heh? Vote and fix your broken software's.
  4. That's all wonderful news, now about that Switch release, is there any reason why we were not informed before you shut down all our servers? Our eggs? Babies? Projects in motion, absolutely mean nothing to you? Our time exceedingly and consistently wasted on this game for three straight years and you hust still keep bringing the blows to us.
  5. That's all wonderful news, now about that Switch release, is there any reason why we were not informed before you shut down all our servers? Our eggs? Babies? Projects in motion, absolutely mean nothing to you? Our time exceedingly and consistently wasted on this game for three straight years and you just still keep bringing the blows to us.
  6. I find it a bit difficult to get excited over Ark2 when it's going to be an exclusive title for pc and xbox, neither of which I own nor ever will, especially just for another unsupported Wild Card game. It's become very obvious over the past several years that somebody at Snail Games and Wild Card studios does not like to make money. Obviously not informing their investors of purposely avoiding making money for them. Very clearly the case here again, 100s of millions of potential players, money, being left out. Very odd business model you people have there.
  7. Why don't you tell everyone exactly why that is the case here? Explain why exactly Wild Card and Snail Games decided to not support the Nintendo Switch version. Explain how the decision was made to not support Nintendo's version because it would take away revenue, money, from their mobile version for phones and tablets. And, how now that the decision has been made to scrap support for the actual mobile version, and in lue of the reports of over 100 million switches in consumers hands, they saw another money grab opportunity with Nintendo Switch owners again. Got our 40 bucks once, now targeting another 40 bucks out of us and more people. Please...explain all that in more detail please.
  8. It's not, but that doesn't keep me from making babies and mutating my dinos every day, and a food gather bonus for my uber gigas helps to feed my hordes.
  9. If you haven't played our version, seen how we been treated over the past three years while we watched everyone else get everything? And we got completely ignored? No wonder its the least popular wouldn't you agree? Over 100 million Switchs in consumers hands, yet, the other consoles deserve more attention? Because Nintendo Switch isn't worthy of proper support like all the rest of you got? That your position? And you know absolutely zero about our system or Ark Survival on our system? Zero experience with it correct? And you're defending who? For what? Maybe you shouldn't speak on things you know nothing about. And at 54 years old and three years on Switch with Ark, I am hardly your son, kiddo.
  10. Thank you, they just kicked in. Makes my big hatch much easier now. Much appreciated in the acknowledgement.
  11. There it is, was only a matter of time again before you started leaving Nintendo Switch out of the events. Once again Nintendo Switch owners are getting no rates whatsoever. Was a nice show for the new customers for a quick second, then back to being wild cards least supported version.
  12. Multiple people can't log in today, all failed attempts.
  13. Is that what PR told you to write back? Have you played our version? Have you read the same sales pitch from 3 years ago they made to us on Switch? Have you been neglected on your system and left out of everything for past three years? Did Wild Card fail to support your version? Are you getting the LGBTQ colors for your tames on your version? Yeh, sure, guess that'd be my attitude towards it to I guess. It's a sales pitch, advertisement, using the LGBTQ community's logo...and colors, years now, while excluding members of that community. That seem right to you?
  14. Stop saying for "all" platforms please, its only for 3 platforms, Nintendo Switch gets none of this, not even the event specials. We just now started being included in these evolution events just since Christmas 2021. We get nothing but rates, all these special colors and support for LGBTQ community is completely lost on Nintendo Switch, Zero, support on that platform. Our servers run like crap, game just stutters all day long, simple tasks take hours to complete. So, lets keep it real shall we, you are only supporting 3 platforms with your statements and only those LGBTQ communities, you more than made your feelings clear about us on Nintendo Switch with all the exclusion over the past 3 years.
  15. Pause, lag, stutter stutter, stutter, lag, DC, failed log in over and over....lag..stutter...dc...failed log in...lose tames to dc, stutter, stutter, lag, stutter, DC. That is the entirety of your game experiences with Ark on Nintendo Switch, and that's just the connective issues and server garbage, I find brokenness in this game every single day, something new. I can show videos of just how bad this was done in the first place and even the very same sales pitch they used to sell this to us the first time around and then left us unsupported for over 3 years. Entire community has quit, extremely few of us left who have had any success in the game whatsoever in the past 3 years. I bet Ark devs themselves cant play this version with any success, its that broken and unsupported. Our servers are a joke. Same sales pitch? Really?
  16. Just to clear this up for Nintendo Switch owners, after initial release and unfulfilled promises of the Ark experience on Switch like everyone else (which was all lies btw) from over 3 years ago with the old 7 year old beta build thats been broken since launch, Wild Card has graciously decided to allow us the actual full unbroken version, coded for the game system properly this time. Wild Card also intends to allow us free access to all the DLC maps that were free to begin with for everyone else, yes, that's right folks, Wild Card actually sales pitching Switch owners with free maps that were FREE TO BEGIN WITH. Then, Wild Card is also gonna charge you extra for all the content dated back 7 years and since the launch of your broken version 3 years ago. To top it off, Wild Card would now also like to include Nintendo Switch owners in all events including evolution events that you have been denied access to for over 3 years. Congratulations Nintendo Switch owners, feel special about this. They might actually not be lying to us this time.
  17. I been playing Ark on Nintendo Switch since it launched on it, over 5k hours logged, in all these years these last two evo events are the first we have ever been included in. We have been left out of everything practically and the absolute worse Ark experience to be had on any platform. Lets hope your promises aren't just more lies we were fed when we bought this unsupported version. Keep up the good work.
  18. Absolutely the laziest and lamest developers I have ever experienced in my entire 35 years of gaming.
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