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    How to avoid Leedsichthys?

    I'm pretty sure they changed the shallow SPAWNS for the Leeds (Might be wandering into bays/getting stuck), and nerfed the spawn rate and scaling damage. At the moment they're able to chow through embedded foundations which makes it impossible to fortify your raft. I have heard rumours this is being addressed but personally not seen anything official. One thing I do know is that the best defence is offence. Build your raft with X Plants able to shoot behind you at the Leeds, they do a knock back, I'm unsure how many you would actually need to successfully evade 1 Leeds chasing you but combining it with painfully holding down your 'W' key for dear life might just be the additional factor to getting you to a safe place. If someone knows the numbers on how many is needed to successfully keep them back I'd really like to know The video is reference to the mechanic but the build is slightly impractical and the turrets are slightly overkill. Aside that all credit to Crote as I was having similar troubles with my raft and I totally forgot about the knock back on X-Plants