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  1. Numerous suggestions after 5,900 hours of Ark

    A lot of good ideas here I agree with a lot of them, may have been better to divide your posts if you were looking for yes/no feedback on specific ideas than the whole topic imo. That way discussions around the numbers/details would get more focus from those interested, just a thought
  2. If they fix them eating the raft through foundations then there's little to no need for this. Between fortifying your raft and installing x-plants to knock the Leeds back so you can escape to shallow water, that should be enough. it's a survival game, any safe haven defeats the object of surviving. I can't see this getting approved without the quetz idle stamina being changed also, because it's the same argument no safe zones.
  3. When is flyer V3 coming?

    I don't think there's any indication a MK3 is coming/will come. It's down to us to provide them with information about the changes and provide suggestions, personally I wouldn't hold an expectation for this to change very soon. The nerf made flyers unplayable I think everyone can agree on that but MK2 made most flyers achieve what WC believe their primary function is and reduced the diversity of their roles. Achieving exactly what they wanted to, balance. I agree that seeing the info some tweaks are needed but it's not breaking my game, I just don't use my Quetz for much anymore and that to my understanding was the desired affect lol I can honestly see where they're coming from, they pretty much have a load of data and info on flyers and their presence in PvP from players but very little on the ground game because it's underplayed, just looking at boss fights, currently it's just breeding a tonne of Rex's? Personally I'm gunna start a breeding line of Gali and Iguanadon and see if they can keep up with what I use flyers for and provide feedback on them. The game meta has changed and people are adjusting, changing too much too quickly would be as uneducated as the initial nerf imo.
  4. How to avoid Leedsichthys?

    I'm pretty sure they changed the shallow SPAWNS for the Leeds (Might be wandering into bays/getting stuck), and nerfed the spawn rate and scaling damage. At the moment they're able to chow through embedded foundations which makes it impossible to fortify your raft. I have heard rumours this is being addressed but personally not seen anything official. One thing I do know is that the best defence is offence. Build your raft with X Plants able to shoot behind you at the Leeds, they do a knock back, I'm unsure how many you would actually need to successfully evade 1 Leeds chasing you but combining it with painfully holding down your 'W' key for dear life might just be the additional factor to getting you to a safe place. If someone knows the numbers on how many is needed to successfully keep them back I'd really like to know The video is reference to the mechanic but the build is slightly impractical and the turrets are slightly overkill. Aside that all credit to Crote as I was having similar troubles with my raft and I totally forgot about the knock back on X-Plants
  5. tribe leader down vote option

    I agree this should be an available feature, this is obviously aimed at the officials because any Unofficial can manage it through server admins at their own discretion. Probably not a lot of focus on it due to reclamation feature after tribe inactivity so if you all rebuild a new tribe you can claim your stuff back later. Unfortunately there's issues and likely loss doing it that way, I can't see the feature being at all a negative to the game personally. Don't know if it has ever been suggested before might be worth putting in as a Game Suggestion, unfortunately I can't imagine it's affecting many of the community so will find a low priority I'd imagine,
  6. Despicable Dinos

    The Leeds is my most hated dino, simply I feel like the raft was removed from any deep water... you can add as many embedded foundations as you want the Leeds can still penetrate and chow the raft. With no way of outrunning them it just seems unnecessary. Who gives a crap for 50 prime fish meat... I wouldn't be as butt-hurt if there was a way to fortify or outplay them... heard rumours that it will be patched where they damage the foundations but I'm not holding my breathe, just playing the game in a way I don't want to for now :(
  7. hmm I like both sides of the argument, it does make more sense for them to have their preferred kibble, regardless of age surely a species still has its preferences but in terms of game play I can see that stacking kibbles for an imprint does make it more trivial. Personally I haven't been through imprinting yet but a suggestion for pleasing both sides could be having the Kibble get further up the kibble tree the more you imprint. So for a Ptera as an example it would start with dodo and then continue up. So still easy to obtain early imprints and provides some stable benefit to breeding imprinting but also allowing other players putting in the effort for bigger farms to obtain higher imprints. Removing the chance though also completely removes any hope of getting a perfect imprint without x kibble. I don't think all random kibble is good but equally don't see as only the preferred kibble is a solid solution without its own negatives.
  8. In general it's annoying to answer a question with a question but I'm going to if you didn't build your mountain base like you want to, where would you build? If you decide to not build on the mountain you'll still be travelling for metal, just not doing it in the location you want. I think it's best that you build where you want, it's more important to enjoy what you're doing. IMO you can tell when someone is creating content for the sake of creating content. Screw the loss of resources on single player you're not harming anyone, build where you want and enjoy the game/series. Alternatively, I don't know how you're setting up this personal game but another option is by changing the INI file you can adjust the distance in which player structures prevent resources from spawning. That's if you want the best of both worlds. (might be a little op to only walk outside your base for resources though)
  9. The Titanosaur need to be gone in PvE !

    It doesn't seem like the Titan is the problem, it's the exploits. If you don't want to play with the Titan WC gave you the option to make your own server and a config file to remove whatever dino you want. Releasing an official change to remove a Dino they put work in designing seems counter productive, and for them to really take this claim seriously you'd need a lot of the PvE community to back it because already you can see that a change like this would upset other members of the game. IMO let them work on the exploits first then look at the Titan's mechanics in PvE and if there's more cons than pros and no one thinks it's a good idea to keep it then remove it. It seems to have a place as a rare hunted dino I don't like the idea of losing content, good or bad.