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  1. Are you able to bring this tame over to aberration since they technically state that it's a glider or somewhat like a parachute?
  2. Well, let's see I tried to access a drop and or the ob and get disconnected every damn time! W.C.'s latest update screwed the game up even more. You should change the title to Can W.C. screw this game up any worse than it already is, wait hold my beer!
  3. @Avanti *I took vacation days to play this game - seriously you took vacation days over a game? could you not use that time for something more special? maybe with family? its a pitty of a reason but an extremely funny one.* Maybe some of us work and can't take time off of work until later in the year. I would've loved to have gone during the summer, but unfortunately I never get too plus my vacation time has to be used up before thanksgiving and not the day before or the day after a holiday either. So if i choose to take time off for a video game that's my choice. It's my time that i worked for and can use it as i please.
  4. I used up my vacation time for the release believing they were going to drop it on 11-6 since everyone was working on extinction, w.c. stated no halloween event because everyone was working on extinction. Hell they need to keep working because people are still bluescreening or a better one log in then instantly lost connection to host b.s., character is halfway in the ground or tethered to something it seems. I've been playing on ps4 since the beta i have logged a lot of hours. Funny how most dlc's come out on time every year regardless if it's cod, battlefield ect.... For those Dev's that were on the stream last night they could've cared less what their community was asking them about. I know i was trying to ask a few which i thought was important questions about their product, but playing with tictacs were more important.
  5. I wonder if you purchase something that is broken and take it back to the store you do get a refund correct? I wonder if I request a refund for this game being broken would I get it? It should have stayed on the shelf until the entire game was completely fixed as Spectratech stated!
  6. I've Played this game in the beta stages on ps4 to W.C. turning the servers to legacy was on them for a year, then having a stroke at the end of Jan. wanting to get out of the hospital to make sure these fake creatures didn't die instead of worrying about my own health. I then left the legacy servers for official knowing that all my precious time was wasted like others which I think they felt the same. I know I have logged well over 1000's of hours into this game, but yet this company will not respond to any of our messages except for maybe a general b.s. excuse. This game is still broke I still bluescreen and get dropped saying I lost connection to the host (B.S.) I lost connection because of this company can't do anything right. I still get stuck in foundations and have to destroy them and also notice that I sometimes am tethered to objects in my base including sticking in the ground while trying to run! I was really contemplating on getting a gaming pc, but it would have been for the MODS, I can remember two individuals being all giddy before Aberration was to be released stating that S+ would be integrated into the game and that's been how long WC? I'm glad I didn't get a gaming pc to give you more money for a game you can not fix or release dlc's on time. I also took vacation time for next week which was for the DLC which I can not change! I thought this was supposed to be a game not a second job, maybe Wild Card should start paying us to play this game. We have to be on to feed the dino's or render in our areas where we have buildings or they decay and make sure the generator's don't run out of fuel. Hey W.C. since we get screwed twice with in 2 days how about you let the rates from the charity event go all weekend? Or is it just a Worthless Cause!?
  7. you said that "They *pay* the sponsored mod authors to develop the mods as long as they are working on it and they are hitting their goals." Too bad ARK can not hit their goals when they announce things like spring of 2018 we are bringing out this dlc then pushed too summer and now it's the fall for Extinction!
  8. I know this may be for another topic, but on 322 and 340 which are legacy servers there are hardly anyone on them which was great. I've been on 322 for over 1 1/2 years while starting on 340 SE before Easter (which is being taken down by the 12th) WE hardly ever bluescreened or lagged because of the rendering issue. I know that you can't force anyone to go to those servers, but the game was actually great and didn't have to worry about any of this except for now starting all over on official servers with these issues that the people here are posting about. I didn't want to leave either server, but W.C. you basically made us which I believe is B.S. (reason being W.C. taking down the Legacy servers). I would rather stay on those servers with no problems at all then to relive the lag and bluescreening issues along with just getting kicked from ARK because of connection issues!
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