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  1. Are you able to bring this tame over to aberration since they technically state that it's a glider or somewhat like a parachute?
  2. I really wouldn't mind the stackable storage boxes that can pull all of the items from your base and put them in one place. Would be very helpful and useful or the nest that collects fert eggs and preincubates them.
  3. There is not one DAMN EXCUSE on why I keep BLUESCREENING! This game has been out for how long? W.C. wants to release Atlas with how many people on the server? What a joke, i wonder how many people will get disconnected and will quit playing.
  4. No matter which gachaclaus i go to i put mistletoe into the inventory in which they will eat it or just keep it in their inventory. I never get anything from it, but coal is a different story i get a crystal from the coal. I just find it odd though i'm on official ps4
  5. You know it would be nice once in a while if a dev could reply to one of these problems. I put 1 mistletoe into gatchaclause last night 11:00 pm went to bed got back up about 8:00 am EST went back to the same gatchclause and he still had the mistletoe in his inventory!?!?
  6. I am having the same problem it just gives me a "no sessions found"! I wish the dev's would post something when servers are down and are working on it.
  7. This is really f'n ridiculous that this is and has been happening.
  8. And i stated that i did search for this problem on the forums and didn't find anything so i posted this.
  9. Tell me about it I can not access any drop or ob without getting message lost connection to host? Everytime since the last update!
  10. In the lower left you can seqrch official, unofficial and legacy
  11. Well, let's see I tried to access a drop and or the ob and get disconnected every damn time! W.C.'s latest update screwed the game up even more. You should change the title to Can W.C. screw this game up any worse than it already is, wait hold my beer!
  12. Really Banshee? I looked and couldn't find it anywhere. I looked in the bugs for the ps4 and all and couldn't find it. Maybe ask next time instead of being a ********! ok?!
  13. I can't access any ob or ant drop if i do i get booted from the game im on the center map Asian server 497 and can't even travel to extinction which i paid for? Wth w.c.!? Im about to start calling them worthless cause from now on
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