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  1. All are on a PS4 with 4 user accounts two are attached to PSN accounts, one of which is the main account of the system with an up to date version of Ark. 1) On regular user accounts (ones with no attached PSN) split screen constantly prompts player two to respawn or create a new survivor, when you select respawn it will mirror player one and give it player two's name. This doesn't seem to occure if at least one player has an attached PSN account. 2) Also with non PSN user accounts it will break tribes causing even the creator of the tribe to be kicked out. 3) Scorched Earth map resets my skill and engram points every log out since last patch. 4) On a preexisting record I tried to let my kids split screen with me and the screen split but the top stayed black and number two contoller had control of the main account character. 5) Trying to create a new PGArk crashes to dashboard. 6) Trying to split screen in a PGArk crashes to dashboard the instant you press create new survivor. 7) Loading a PGArk crashes to dashbord the first attempt but loads properly on the second. 8) Crafting jumping between foldered and unfoldered view. When you switch to your crafting menue it will be in unfoldered (despite having been set to foldered before) then as items are crafted it will jump back to foldered.
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