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  1. or you know, maybe fix character loss to stop happening? If it was a server outage related problem, then that falls on the server admin.
  2. What happens is the hamster wheel server and spaghetti code has a hard time calculating your X Y Z coords during the save so it just deletes you.
  3. Casteroides / Beavers They need some major love since the Argy TLC I get that they are a early - mid game crafter and wood farmer but make them end game viable as well with a buff to wood weight reduction and passive Dam generation within a dino leash after eating trees.
  4. I'm no expert on servers or networking but when you consider how much data needs to be saved for every single player, sure this will increase the amount of time needed. I'm with you and people have been saying this since early access but unfortunately based on the revenue model WC has chosen to base the game on (Paid DLC only) bug fixing doesn't keep the lights on, only new paid content does. If every single team at WC would be dedicated to fixing bugs 24/7, they would go bankrupt. Sure bugs get fixed eventually only to be broken again later with another patch down the line. This is normal with a game as complex as ARK is. Regardless the dev team is always working on issues in the game. Some are just harder to fix than others and require a lot more time that maybe the budget doesn't allow. Doesn't make it right but it is to be expected. There are some core issues that need a complete overhaul. Things like meshing (only became a priority recently), character loss, glitching through mesh into space, random mana lag out of map, server stability, etc. among many other things.
  5. It boggles my mind how such a game breaking problem is still a regular occurrence. hundreds and thousands of hours invested into a character for it to be wiped from existence in 2 seconds. People can say what they want about meshing but for me, character deletion is an even bigger problem that needs some serious attention. Just think of how many hours the support team wastes on these kinds of tickets since legacy. Ridiculous.
  6. fishing, you know... That thing nobody does since the nerf?
  7. increased maturation rates mean the baby is growing faster than the HP adjusts to keep up so babies will be bloody as they get closer to adult. have an owl or pig nearby in your hatchery to heal them as needed.
  8. Yes on the day we all stop playing.
  9. Its rare but yes they do. It has happened to my dinos once or twice since they were implemented.
  10. sounds like you got reported for teaming with that other guy who you were not able to invite into your tribe.
  11. corrupted dinos being kited to raid bases Too OP
  12. 443 and many other EXT servers have been performing poorly since the end of xmas event. frequent lagg spikes up to 255 ping, frequent disconnects and its even worse on weekends. I submitted a outage report last week but nothing has changed.
  13. You are one of the lucky ones then because since early access, my circle of ARK communities I frequent have had a majority of complaints. Not to say there have been the rare occasion a GM has gone above the call of duty, So to those GMs that take an extra few mins on their tickets... also keep in mind the "internal policies" change according to ticket volume and the alignment of the stars/planets So what a GM is able to provide is handicapped day to day
  14. @Cedric help us Cedric, you're our only hope. This system needs to be tweaked for PVE separately.
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