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    Magmasaur glitch

    Magmasaur glitch Hi I popped my magmasaurs today at official smalltribes PVP an d they dont eat, i know they eat this something that come from lunar biome but on ps4 or in my server u cant put this into their inventory and two of my high lvls died to starvation oh and btw food consumption on them should be like a wyverns/Rock drake i belive sooo its not also their stats are kind of broken ? 170 dgm 185lvl of magma its impossible...
  2. Beginners servers Hi I wanted to make a post couse i dont really know what is about to happen at october, they will add any servers for beginners on small tribes ? make cluster for it with some maps ? or they will just wipe these 3 island servers on 1x ? i was really hyped when i first read this but now i see its propably same sht not worth anything from WC, if anyone know something more about it pls let me know down below
  3. begginer servers will be only for new players on 1x ? or small tribes too ? there will be a cluster with other maps or just island ? anyone know how it looks right now ? i play on PS4 and never seen servers like this, if someone know something pls respond and let me know
  4. SinglePlayer Patch Hello I hope its good place to put this topic, i have a problem with single player mode, i mean i run single to test things and i was testing fabby and velo DMG and there Fabbys still dmg structures and velos seems working like before nerfs that been sooo long ago, its intended or i do something wrong, i wanted to see numbers that golems take from velos and i went under him used L2 and hes gone and theres some crazy numbers semms it work like before nerf and ima curius what to do if i want test real numbers couse iam pretty sure they dont work this anymore on official
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