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  1. Ulta

    Can't find Easter colors.

    Try doing the dino wipe command (provided you are on singleplayer. If you are on someone else's unofficial server, you need ot have the admin do the code) cheat destroywilddinos That should wipe the map clean of the old spawns and bring in a whole fresh population of dinos. Many of them should be easter colored. My unofficial finds easter colored dinos all the time on our Rag server.
  2. Ulta

    Easter Tames

    I've found a few but none high leveled enough for me to wanna tame. Though I would like to know how the heck we get easter eggs. I know the event is on cuz of the colored spawns and the fact we've found a ton of easter dodo's, but killing them gave us no easter eggs...how do you get eggs to craft the new cosmetic stuff?
  3. I love the newer model. It was WC's fault for their first Argie design to be pretty...well...not like an actual Argent. Argies were carrion birds, which vultures are. Eagles are not carrion feeders, they are hunters. Poor folks got misled by WC's not stellar model team in the early days and makign the argie look more eagle-ish. These newer modelers and animation folk are sooo much better. Kudos to that at least WC. Your team can make some wicked good looking content. Too bad you got not a clue what balance is or how to maintain your servers.
  4. Ulta

    This Raporting Raptors!

    I like the change. The beginnings of ARK is always going to be hard, but you will adapt as you level up and grow. Eventually they will become less of a nuisance to you. But like many said...tame a Parasuar if your that early game, now that they can actually SCARE a raptor away. Or leave the dino you are riding on neutral. Raptors still have piss-poor health and if it's not an alpha one, your mount can get rid of it. Don't be afraid. Adapt. It's a survival game. You'll learn that by the time you hit end game, you'll be GLAD that things like this can still happen, otherwise it's a large snorefest while doing chores.
  5. I'll explain myself anyway even though this is a pretty obvious thing but...am I the only one who thinks Kapro's are now definitely NOT worth taming? I was already thinking this the moment they were released comparing them to a Sarco, but even before the Sarco got it's nice recent TLC pass, the Kapro just...sucked. It's weaker than a sarco. Despite the dossier claiming it's faster than a sarco, it's by far NOT in land nor water, it's attack speed though faster, still can't outdamage a sarco, and what does it get ability wise? It can grab and hold small things. Whoopie. And now that the Sarco is better, the Kapro is even well...MORE worse and unfortunately is now in the pile of 'useless tames' list. It's not even fun to use... I don't even see hints in the pipeline that WC intends to do more TLC passes (I could be wrong but if I am show me to source plox). But I sure hope they aren't done, cuz now the Kapro pales in comparison to the Sarco. Ranks right up there with Carno's now for needing some unique love. At the very least, they could you know...make it at least faster than a Sarco in water and land, like the dossier says. Maybe even give it a bleed? Just something to help it stand out from the Sarco as something you could pick over a Sarco for your land/sea hybrid tame and it's actually you know...being decent (though the Bary and Spino will probably always beat it out, but that's fine, progression ladder and all that nonsense). I'm not the only one thinking this am I?
  6. Ulta

    Oh Ark.

    Good news? I found something more fun to play. Though in all seriousness, the dino TLC pass was great at least. It's just a shame we gotta wait longer for the next wave. Also unofficial servers are still fun since many neat mods have arrived and continue to pop up that help keep the game fresh (example being Immersive Taming, Rare Sightings, etc. etc. )
  7. No you definitely cannot transfer anything from official to unofficial, unless you were granted access to the official servers saves (which only happened to the closed Legacy servers). I don't get why so many people dislike starting over in Ark...it's in the nature of the game. And if/when the OP finds a nice unofficial or better yet, host it himself, then he'll get what he wants. a nice place to play the game with his two sons and a place to play on until they get tired of the game. I can think of worse things to do in Ark than rebuilding with your friends (but don't get me wrong, it's something one can only endure so many times before it gets dull and annoying).
  8. Ulta

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Make the Direbear able to climb redwood trees so it can better get to the honey! Missed opportunity if you don't! The Raptor NEEDS love. A new model definitely. Give it an attack that let's it cling to the hitboxes of larger creatures (maybe all sized creatures if you find it not OP) and then while clinging it's stamina will drain. You can perform a 'slashing' attack with it's talons, and will fall off if you tell it to or it's stamina runs out. Give the Parasaur the ability to warn players when an aggressive carnivore is nearby. Make it honk! Let the Stego have an impaling attack with it's tail like the Kentro does. Seems weird that the SMALLER of the two got it and not the more popular one (though I get it, the Kentro is vastly more spikey)
  9. Ulta

    megatribes cheaters prosper!

    You know things are weird when -I- come out of the woodworks to say something. Saw a huge update, came to see if it was the much-looked for TLC pass, and it's this... I can see both sides of the coin. But sadly, Wildcard has only further cemented my idea that they are still trying desperately to steer this game in a direction that, while ambitious and hopeful, will never be reached. ARK cannot and will most likely NEVER be a balanced and fair game for the PVP crowd. The way they've made it just can't be that. It's too much time, effort, and money (especially for this company). All I can say is...Wildcard, your talk is cheap. VERY cheap. I can see why they did what they did, but this will only be a good move if you damn well KEEP YOUR WORD. Frankly I have yet to see evidence that they ever are heavy-handed with anything that concerns their playerbase. So far that seems to be reserved for the dino nerfs. Ugh.
  10. Ulta

    Now Wildcard favors the trolls

    WC favoring trolls is news to you? Where have you been for the past 2 years. It's ALWAYS been like that for official servers.
  11. Absolutely not. Players will tame as many dino's as they want for whatever reason they want (boss fights, dino collector, breeding, just cuz, etc.). This was spoken many times in other threads. Egg farms are not the ONLY reason servers are at dino cap, and they are by far not the MAIN reason either. An item that collects eggs for you will barely put a dent in the issue.
  12. Ulta

    breeding question

    I don't play officials so couldn't tell you if it was really the case, but given the amount of whining I saw on the forums when this 'dino level cap' was introduced, I'd say it's also on PC. I might be wrong, but better safe than sorry (though good luck finding any dino on officials with those kinds of levels). On my unofficial server, I had a spawned in griffon that was like level 500 and it didn't disappear though, even after several server restarts. Who knows...but it would be weird if it was only for consoles (but hey this is WC so who knows, it could be a thing)
  13. It's RNG, sadly. The higher crafting skill only gives you a CHANCE to craft a higher tier item from a BP.
  14. Ulta

    breeding question

    -Typically it is better to aim for taming higher level dino's, since the higher level means they got more points into stats and have a better chance of a higher roll in something you want. But don't forget...dino level cap is at 450. If you start breeding down the line and realize your eggs are hatching lvl 379 babies, then taming lower level dino's for their low point count in stats you don't need (like Oxy) could be favorable. -Keep that 130 Anky with the good melee. Breed that melee stat into a better annky and then you won't need it (unless it's a female. If it's female, keep it for popping out babies quicker) -400% on an official server I would consider pretty dang good, but I don't play there so I'm just guessing. I wanna say it is though, I'm use to finding 300% range.
  15. Maybe this was or wasn't true back then, but the Center was released a looong time ago. To say that still holds true today isn't really conductive to the OP's query. Many things have changed since then. I myself have had no experience with any odd spawning weights or the like. And as mentioned, there's no code in the dev kit for such to happen. It's RNG, pure and simple. You probably just experienced an odd 'bug' with the spawn weights that later got corrected.