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  1. Congrats Wildcard. You may not be a perfect company, but even the haters right now are only hating cause they love what you made. You may not be the best at PR and some of your decisions are questionable, but you are a talented bunch of people who are wonderful at making content and keeping the code together to make the game run. Ark is still one of, if not the most favorite game in Steam when played under the right conditions, and I will recommend it to all my friends.
  2. You people blowing hot hair about legacy servers dying are just being paranoid. As long as you keep playing on your server, you're server will be fine. I can see how splitting up legacy from new servers for PVE wasn't a very good idea, but for PVP, who cares? Those alpha's are just getting bit in the arse now for driving away every new player. If their server dies because they weren't being friendly to their own community and thus lowering their server pop to null, then screw them, this is their karma. Though even THEN, I doubt their server will get shut down. Don't spread unnecessary dra
  3. Um...they ARE making new PVE servers now from what Jat said. So why the laughing at all?
  4. I'm pretty darn sure that WC wouldn't needlessly disable crossark within the new server clusters. Sure they can't do anything with Legacy servers, but unless they backtrack their thought that cross ark was a good idea to begin with (and it isn't on PVP, PVE it's fine though) then I don't foresee them disabling crossark for the new servers. Even though personally I'd rather see crossark disappear for PVP, and stick around for PVE. But that's a different topic for another thread.
  5. They are considered Legacy yes, and will not be able to transfer anything to the new servers.
  6. Oh wow. WC was really smart about this. Niiice. Very nice. Both side of the wipe discussion should be satisfied now. I know I am. A safe place for the newbies to go is a very good thing. I'm also curious to this whole process they'll be doing to prevent duping and the like. Very intrigued moreso that you are already putting it into place! Maybe that means that the issue will be resolved and cleaned up before release? That is a dream scenerio but glad to hear steps are already underway to fixing it!
  7. I didn't do anything in ARK today. I'm waiting till release. Too many changes happening with these latest patches and the looming silence the devs have made concerning a wipe, I'm just bracing for impact right now. No skin off my nose if they don't wipe, I'll just resume play and pick up the pace to get back ahead.
  8. Hit 'K' and that will allow you to move only straight and be able to zoom in and out and swivel the camera as you want. You cannot turn while doing this though.
  9. I don't want him playing with me anyway But I also just realized the PC he plays on isn't Win10, so that wouldn't work anyway. So unless they come up with a Steam version, then I won't be buying anything.
  10. I just realized that the collector's edition only has the Xbox or PS4 version of the game...will there be a Steam version? Please tell me there will be a Steam or Win10 version...I own neither of those consoles and was hoping to maybe buy a copy for my nephew, but he only has a PC to play it on (I already own a copy on Steam too).
  11. Right okay, crossbuy was answered. Now about those dossiers... As I asked before, do you @Jat plan to do anymore tweaking to dino's new and old? Will tweaks be made to either the dino's or the dossiers so that the book doesn't have outdated information? I know some old ones liek Rex and Stego's and Trikes (and a few more) are boring compared to newer dinos. Do you have any plans to give them some love before release?
  12. Hmmm come to think of it, I guess it makes sense. Steam users have access to mods. Nothing else does as far as I know. Maybe that's why? (not that I care who gets to play with whom).
  13. In addition to the question of PC owners who bought ARK on Steam...I own ARK on Steam right now. I guess there's a difference between it and a Win10 version? Would the crossbuy also be in effect for that then? (if you own it on Steam, you own it on Win10 and maybe even Xbox, etc.?). Would love for a dev to clear up just what crosses with what with the Crossbuy thing. Also the fact the dossier's are gonna be an actual book, while cool, makes me fearful. Some dinos' currently don't even fit their dossier's at the moment. Does this mean all dino's are pretty much solidified and no tweaks wil
  14. Oh thank goodness. I better clean up my posts then, I thought I heard BEFORE release. Thanks Jat!
  15. On PC I'm downloading it now, so yes it's available on PC
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