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  1. They have hidden msg's. It was confirmed in a interview and even said in the patch notes
  2. I would like this topic to be on the event lore. Share in here what you find! What it could mean! Anything! We need to find out and all work together. Share whatever you find, you never know it could help to the main think this event is trying to tell us. I will be working all day to figure out what is happening and the lore of this. And everyday! Please help out!
  3. So. WC has been saying so much about aberration coming out Dec. 12th 1pm Mountain time. But is it 100% sure going to be coming out that time? I'm skipping school for a day to play it but i dont wanna do it for nothing if it doesn't come out that time. All i want is to hear from Wildcard is that its 100% coming out then. But otherwise thank you wildcard for doing the best you can. Im sure Aberration will rebirth ark (Even though it doesn't even need it). Thank you wildcard. Soo much. Ark changed my life in a good way
  4. Binzel

    RIP ARK? More Content or More Fixes?

    What do you think there doing? Their not a big group and this is a major game, Yes some bugs are still here but not a lot. There trying to get rid of the lag by making the turrets to 100 per tribe. Their doing this because they found out from a recent study that turrets make the most lag. I hate people like this. I want to see one of you make a game like this expect there to not be bugs and try to work with not a lot of people. Try, I dare you..