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  1. InfectionPromoter

    Locating Tamed Dinos

    I've used the transponder, but I'd like to see a more permanent solution like dots on the map. My favorite ptera flew into the sky, got lost, could never find her. I scanned the tribe logs for 30 days, no ptera death. Speedy Ass, where are you!!!!
  2. InfectionPromoter

    How did you die last?

    For me, it's always in the water....lol Hence I am a land and air player. I avoid the water like the plague
  3. InfectionPromoter

    livestream The Infection Survival Podcast is LIVE Right Now!

    They cover a lot of different survival games. Most weeks they cover some Ark news. Sometimes there isn't anything new in Ark since the last video (because they do a new podcast every single week). They're live again right now!
  4. Official PVP, don't bother unless you're part of an Alpha. PVE, is a lot of fun until you run out of content. Pretty much sums it up
  5. InfectionPromoter

    What just happened?

    It's a hard choice. Give the ability to vote out the leader and it removes some troll leaders. Give the ability to vote out the leader, and the trolls of the group remove some good leaders. Your best bet is to really get to know someone before you spend a lot of time in a tribe. You'll get a vibe pretty quickly if they're cool or immature.
  6. InfectionPromoter

    livestream The Infection Survival Podcast is LIVE Right Now!

    They're live again right now!
  7. InfectionPromoter

    Jellyfish=Too many water dinos can't be used

    Before jellyfish, I stayed out of the water because I'd normally die and lose whatever I tamed. After the jellyfish, I don't even LOOK at water anymore.....lol
  8. InfectionPromoter

    What are some cool names for a pteranadon?

    I nicknamed mine Speedy and then some other word. Some of the second words were rather vulgar. Then the flyer nerf happened. Never named a ptera Speedy after that.......cue the wah wah wah music.
  9. InfectionPromoter

    livestream The Infection Survival Podcast is LIVE Right Now!

    They're live again right now!
  10. InfectionPromoter

    Any advice on finding lost birds?

    Make sure when you're searching, you're constantly whistling for anything in the radius to follow you. I've had a few birds that got lost or landed in weird spots that were hard to see. Fly a circular search pattern and constantly whistle for everything in that area to follow you. If you get close enough, it will take off and follow you.
  11. InfectionPromoter

    Normal for new tames to level quickly?

    Yeah, it's fairly fast levels for a bit. Kinda like how players level up. You get the first few levels quickly, then it slows considerably as you get to higher levels.
  12. InfectionPromoter

    livestream The Infection Survival Podcast is LIVE Right Now!

    They're live again right now!
  13. InfectionPromoter

    We need transfer caps

    That sucks man. I know they can't have unlimited dinos on a server for server performance. But at the same time when you allow certain servers to become "parking garages" for mega tribes............there's gotta be a way to fix that. Maybe you can only transfer X number of dinos to a server? So you can't create a giant parking garage for mega tribes? They'd have to set the X number high enough to do cross server raids, so there has to be some sort of balance to it.
  14. InfectionPromoter

    Anything Crazy happen to you?

    I had a really nice jaws that I was leveling up quite nicely. Thought I was the baddest thing in the sea. Went down to go dive for some deep sea treasure. Got jumped by some dunks? I couldn't see because one second I was good, the next second I was smashed in the middle of some pile of dinos and couldn't see squat. Tried biting my way out. It wasn't doing any good, I wasn't killing whatever group of AI decided to gang bang me....lol I bailed at 10% Jaws health. Swam to the surface, getting attacked occasionally by the group, couldn't look back, had good gear and did NOT want to die underwater. Finally made it to the shore, only to aggro an alpha rex on lava island. I died..........but at least I was able to ptera back over there and get my gear back. RIP Jaws, you were not invincible....lol
  15. InfectionPromoter

    turrets and tames

    +1 on this reply Plant X is cheap, bullets are expensive.