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  1. Robw2201

    legacy and official servers

    so if that is the plan in the first place what was the point on doing any thing on any of the legacy servers so really we have to all start again. after playing for like almost 2 year.
  2. Robw2201

    legacy and official servers

    is there a plan to make the legacy servers just official servers in the future when the people on official servers get the the same level.
  3. dose any one know if that is it for the ragnarok lengercey servers just 4?
  4. Robw2201

    Day One! Launch & More!

    Still no servers on ps4 was ment to be up at 9am est then 11am est would be nice if we got a update some update
  5. Robw2201

    Sniper Rifle VS Longneck

    HI all I'm trying to find out a bit more info from people how have used both. what one do people think is better. i'm thinking of taking on some dragons with one. The main thing i want to know is do they have different ranges. and dose the Scope make a difference. Rob
  6. Robw2201

    Wyvern with out milk???

    i know, i don't have any Wyvern yet so would be using other flyers
  7. Robw2201

    Wyvern with out milk???

    HI all I have a quick question, I read this on the wiki is this still actually possible. has any one done this in the last few weeks ?? Strategy without Wyvern Milk It's actually possible to raise a baby Wyvern without providing Wyvern Milk. Let the Food value drop to zero. At this time, the value for Health will fall and the Torpor will raise. To lower the Torpor, force-feed Stimulantor Stimberries. Place a Daeodon nearby and set it to Passive Healing. This keeps the Health of the baby Wyvern up (or restores it) at the cost of providing the Daeodon with food, because healing makes it very hungry. As an alternative to feeding the Daeodon tons of Raw Meat that will spoil over time, you can produce a lot of cheap Kibble, such as Kibble (Dodo Egg). This provides 60 food and one piece of a stack only spoils after 3 days (some Kibble provide 90 Food to the Daeodon and Kibble (Iguanodon Egg) provides 120.) This strategy is more effective when used with high-level Wyverns and Daeodons because they have higher starting values for Food and Health, thus more reserves before they run out.
  8. Robw2201

    Salt stacks

    i know salt can stack to 6 and you can hold lots in vessel but what i'm talking about is what can't the salt stack to like 36 in Preserving Bin or your dino's this would give 12 hours of preservation. and before people start saying what about mods i know of pc mods that let you change the stack size of all items but would be good to get official servers.
  9. Robw2201

    Salt stacks

    can someone explain why Preserving Salt dose not stack to more than 6. could have it stack higher in things like Preserving Bin or your dino's
  10. Robw2201

    cross platform severs

    so one option could be ps4 and xbox severs for PVP and all platforms for PVE we all know that the pc gamer's have a advantage over consoles, but there could be a few consoles gamer's the want the challenge (i.e die lots )
  11. Robw2201

    cross platform severs

    i have been thinking how cool it would be to have cross platform severs, to have PS4 vs x-box one vs PC pvp or being able to do some PVE with pleople from the all three platform. any one know if its posable to ever have cross platform severs???