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  1. Xbox and PS are getting a long anticipated and important patch for ARK. When is it coming for the switch? Any Eta you can give use wildcard?
  2. Pls link to that quote. I searched all over the internet and couldn't find anything regarding.
  3. I think the problem comes with the studio that ported ark to the switch. It's not wildcard working on the port but the other studio. At least that's my guess why wildcard is not as responsive as we are used by them. However I've read online that the other studio is working on porting the patches and implementing the Dlcs. But sadly they are not responsive at all as it seems.
  4. I agree with its well doing. Have a lot of fun with my guy over here and looking forward to continue playing for a long time like I did on pc^^
  5. Devs are responsive as you can see in the threads I opened
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