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  1. Soldier905

    game Mega tribes

    Server transfers is what ruined the game besides the gms being in cahoots with cheaters along with raiders plus their bad customer service .
  2. I noticed this issue when theres too many dinos per trough range , only thing i noticed to fix it is to add another trough .
  3. Soldier905

    Lost Character and Tames

    They delete/lock anything they dont like . Even provided proof of their misdeeds against me but mods here ended up locking the thread when i was wanting to get in contact with a dev....
  4. Soldier905

    Flashing earth texture on the island map

    iam surprised no one has come to their rescue by saying its your hardware at fault ..... I played on the island recently since last hotfix (i was fine after initial homestead update) and noticed flashing in the textures like you are .
  5. Soldier905


    that titanosaur ticket was the first time i encountered that gm which is when the deleting and auto locking started , couldnt even make a followup ticket like info says at bottom of ticket as it would auto lock without a gm response.
  6. Soldier905


    https://i.imgur.com/bqCjAWu.png I was going to clarify my response even more but they locked it (notice the timestamps) before i could add to it . I was expecting them to let me know that they changed the mechanics or something of that titanosaur as someone glitched it onto my base which didnt work like ive seen it before in past . It was purely a question about mechanics and patch notes really as i didnt see anything on notes which is why i made the ticket . That screenshot was from the gm that was giving me the copy/pasting crap on every ticket i would make even ones not relating to this particular ticket .
  7. Soldier905


    No i wasnt trying to get support for legacy
  8. Soldier905


    https://i.imgur.com/qIe6pqL.png Here is the newest one which didnt have the copy/paste one but did the same thing by auto closing the ticket (there was a bunch of auto blocked tickets ) , interesting thing is i never mentioned what server i was on the particular issue i posted in the ticket which was not on legacy so they assumed where i was playing ... . As one can tell i wasnt exactly friendly either but anyone would when the same bs is fed to you over and over. ill get another screenshot that started it all in a moment
  9. Soldier905

    pvp Help needed with abusive alpha on official

    That literally doesnt apply to this forum , That rule applies to cheaters etc name/shame mostly Their most likely a mega tribe thats claimed the server to use as a storage most likely , ive seen it done countless times.
  10. Soldier905

    Offer Subscription Version

    Concept is the same , just money going to devs instead of the sellers which i dont think will change anything anyway plus the devs already said that there will never be any microtransactions in the game (@ least on their side)
  11. Soldier905


    Back in ea i had one tell me to check my internet ping for my gpu driver crash issue that was a problem back in day so that only supports what you said even more🤣
  12. Soldier905

    Lost Character and Tames

    You would basically have to raid your own base
  13. Soldier905

    Is Giganotosaurus worth taming?

    Wait till it encounters whats called a "god rex" or theri 🤣
  14. Soldier905


    Its either the same gm or their all doing it . Every ticket i make regardless of what its about i get the following message " Thank you for contacting Studio Wildcard Customer Support. We received your feedback. Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated and important in helping us continue making ARK: Survival Evolved the best game it can be for everyone. We value all help and opinions as we work on improving the ARK-gaming experience for all. Unfortunately as Customer Support, we are unable to make any changes to the game. I would advise posting on the "Game Suggestions" forum located at http://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/64-game-suggestions/ as that is seen by the game team. Hope that was able to address your concern. Please feel free to contact us again should you have any other questions or concerns. " Basically they are telling me to make a suggestion about whatever the the problem i occured ....it gets copy/pasted then closed and if i make a followup ticket with ticket number its automatically closed on the new ticket....
  15. Soldier905

    Why tame rate should be 2x on official

    You mean the stalking and harrassment which it promotes on official servers