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  1. old - legacy new - new official I dont recall any particular name given to the new official servers as even legacy servers are official so ive just called the new servers "new code"
  2. Would be nice to be able to transfer old characters to a new code server . I have a character from 2015 that its original server is on the list so it will be losing a home . It would be great to make use of it on a new code if they allowed it which i dont see why they wont honestly if its just the character .
  3. mobile ark cant be linked to console as mobile ark has p2w elements as well as different setup.
  4. wiping servers solve nothing , big groups will always come back on top within days then proceed to their old status .
  5. Just a fyi , wildcard is owned by chinese company not that it matters really as box tribes is just a naming thing just like the whole "123" thing .Also since its pve they are supposed to enforce the code of conduct since it has a pve specific part of it but i dont see them them enforcing the code of conduct as I reported meshing(with screenshot proof) in the map and they deleted my ticket even though the one gm i talked to that actually was helpful had no idea how they deleted it . I actually got threatened by the gm(have proof)that has a vendetta against me to not bring up the topic again otherwise i would get perma banned(note i didnt break any rules when talking to gm either).....so i made a ticket that didnt regard the topic of cheating that the gm threatened me not to bring up again so i asked for the one helpful gm that i knew of only for the bad gm to respond which i mentioned previously i wanted no contact with in other tickets and banned me from the system so now i cant get any customer support.......So with that said i do think there some serious bias going on against the region that helped make them what they are today and ive been trying to get in contact with the devs about the issue but they keep trying to sweep it under the rug before it gets their attention by deleting my posts
  6. Would you be willing to help me get in touch with the devs as my last post got deleted. (open to messages if willing to help)
  7. Guess you know everything lol , ive been in one of the biggest megas in ark which use them but according to you your all knowing so its futile trying to explain it .
  8. Which server did you see the "create character screen" on ? if its your home server thats normal but if its on the oc server you definitely lost it and only real hope is to maybe see if there is a "download character" option . Check all the servers you play on as it may have gotten mixed up.
  9. Like others mentioned the saddles is where it is really as a good saddle (ascendant) can even make the worst rex last a bit longer but make sure to breed rexes specifically for bosses as you want boss rexes to be fodder basically .
  10. All of my information comes from official network not unofficial . You also obviously never been in a mega tribe either as they breed war rexes and theris that eat gigas for lunch. Remember , just because you never experienced it doesnt mean it doesnt exist... I have no idea where they came from on legacy but ive seen theris and rexes with a ton of mutations which got it that far . As for new officials the best rex i seen was last year which is far outdated by now and wasn't even their best @ 31.8k hp, 1018 melee , 2130 stam for fairly fresh rex which was basically one of their fodder/war rexes back in 2018 so their most likely alot better now . As for the corrupt gms i reported one i found in ticket system only for them to close the ticket ...
  11. You must have never encountered a "god "rex or theri then as they can tear up a tamed giga with ease . They range from 150k-200k+ hp and 2500-4000 melee or better . Ive been around alot longer than you have and seen these first hand , even had it occur a few months ago so you obviously are just spouting off nonsense.
  12. Good luck on reporting them as most of them are in cahoots with gms . I reported a mesher once then suddenly i was meshed soon after .... When i made the ticket about it they conveniently deleted it from the ticket system where it doesn't show up under "my activity" anymore . Not even an gm enforcer knows why its gone and said they even don't know how it could even be deleted . If your feeling lucky without anything to loose go under support tab then hit "report pc abuse"
  13. Google any dino or item and you will see them for sale on various sites .
  14. Your completely missing my point , my link showed they openly allow anything now as before it was a grey area which unsupported could mean anything .
  15. Finally got an official response from a Senior gm about cheating and code of conduct below . So their officially not enforcing cheating on legacy servers now so they are picking and choosing what they want to enforce . Looks like if you want to cheat in the game on their official network its officially acceptable on legacy now which should say something about them as a company.... " Thank you for contacting Studio Wildcard Customer Support. I am Wildcard GM Argos. Code of Conduct is NOT applicable on all Legacy servers besides real life threats. Should you have further questions or concerns in regards to different matter, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Thank you for your continued support of ARK: Survival Evolved. Have a wonderful day. Sincerely, Senior GM Argos Studio Wildcard Many players like to blindly defend wc even when their in the wrong so that's probley where offense was taken
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