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  1. Soldier905

    Mesh base

    Good luck , if you put in a ticket you will get a response of "sorry for the problem but theres nothing we can do" sort of thing when i reported a small meshed base .
  2. Soldier905

    Help, I'm being griefed on PvE!

    Dont expect much out of Customer service , the best they will do is probley give you a genaric message saying they are "sorry" (ya right...) but they cant do anything LOL
  3. Soldier905

    Wildcard fix legacy servers again.

    I agree , those servers is what made them to what they are today and to kick those that got them there to curb by not "supporting " them even letting cheaters run wild without any official response to them . I found a cheater recently and they told me they arnt going to do anything about it since its legacy and i had proof of meshing ! , Literally no play difference between new and legacy servers so if a bug can be found on legacy it will translate over.....
  4. Soldier905

    Cheating seems to be acceptable on "legacy"

    They came out few months ago and ive yet to see the cheaters back Which is why id like an official response to this not hearsay .
  5. Soldier905

    Wildcard fix legacy servers again.

    Exaggerated numbers nice....
  6. Soldier905

    Cheating seems to be acceptable on "legacy"

    Gms have been out to legacy recently so they do care its just pick and choose for them . Which is why i put in a ticket for an official response on that as they have banned legacy users in past for less .
  7. Soldier905

    Wildcard fix legacy servers again.

    Would you throw away hundreds if not thousands of hours because someone told you to ? no they will keep trying stop it from happening .
  8. Soldier905

    Cheating seems to be acceptable on "legacy"

    Ive been on these servers for years long before "legacy" was invented (2015) . Cheating is cheating regardless of where its at . They need to come out and say that its perfectly acceptable there since their picking and choosing who gets banned when and where only to go against their own anti cheating policy. The servers i play on never had the option for server saves plus their still going .
  9. Soldier905

    Which Wyvern is the Best?

    Personal prefence so there really isnt a "wonder wyvern" that is best in everything.
  10. Soldier905

    legacy More legacy servers being shut down?

    Considering they dont consider legacy now a part of their official network it seems they allow cheating now there even though its still a part of the official network...... Below is the response i got from reporting meshers with plenty of screenshots so instead of fixing the exploit they say its unsupported and their "apologize for any inconvenience this may cause" but words dont bring back all those hours lost because they wont do anything about cheaters on THEIR NETWORK . We're sorry to say that we are unable to take action at this time as we do not provide support for our legacy/deprecated servers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for the report.
  11. Reported some meshers with plenty of screenshots on what wildcard calls "legacy" servers but it is still part of the "official network" which is even said in game and on server list . I got the following response from a rep which i want others to know below . So with the following response that means that meshing,cheating of any kind seems to be acceptable now which should tell you what kind of customer service their running even when trying to fix the game for others they still refuse to do anything even if it means loss of items from meshers or even a fix to prevent it in future . If they do not provide support for them they need to take the "official server" name off the server ID if they do not support it anymore . Looks like i got to remove the meshers myself since their leaving cheating unchecked ...... Ill be contacting valve and battle eye since their allowing cheating on their official servers now while on their software... ...... Id like to know what others think about this type of "promotion" of cheating i call it , Those that are on the "its legacy " need not apply .
  12. That is the biggest excuse i ever seen , ive played online games for decades and when a cheater is spotted they are taken care of quite fast unlike wildcard here but yet its perfectly acceptable for the delay as players that never have been affected by cheaters give them a free pass to take their time on fixing major exploits in the map etc . Ive played games that had tens of thousands of players on at any given time such as blizzard games , eve online as well as other massive populated games that dwarf ark(max i ever seen was 40-60k players on at a given time) yet they never had players trying to make excuses for the devs saying "its a online game and any can play/hack into it" which literally hurts the playerbase due to attitudes like this. Yes any can hack into online games but theres alot of difficulty often and anticheat software is often alerted quickly but heres the thing with ark , the biggest issue right now is meshing which is just exploiting a hole in the map so no hacking is required which they dont do much about . There needs to be a kill barrier like that already exists to a point such as the barrier if you are carried by a bird or anything and mesh into the ground you will either die or rubberband out but this seems to be only in particular areas for some reason . I helped fix an entire region on the island (found tons of holes in the area during EA) so the barrier iam talking about is real and can easily be used across all the map to fix the problem of meshing.
  13. Soldier905

    Alliance dinos eating from feeding trough

    When i used to feed dinos that ranged in the 40-50k food range with at least 500 dinos it would take a few hours to fully feed everything to their max then they would be good for a few days after that so it wouldn't be a massive strain again to get their food levels back up which makes it easier to maintain , that's another alternative . If you got a good meat gatherer fill up the troughs a few times with raw and crops (if any herbivores are there) and it will be easier in long run .
  14. Soldier905

    Box tribes and Cryopods

    Box tribes generally have rankings which prevent upload of dinos is probley why pods arnt used . Also if bases show up that big that quick its generally not good for the server anyway so nothing to worry about lol.
  15. Soldier905

    Alliance dinos eating from feeding trough

    Dont be allies with them is only option iam aware of . Tell allies to pull their share or kick them out if its that big of a strain on you .