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  1. wiping servers solve nothing , big groups will always come back on top within days then proceed to their old status .
  2. Would you be willing to help me get in touch with the devs as my last post got deleted. (open to messages if willing to help)
  3. Guess you know everything lol , ive been in one of the biggest megas in ark which use them but according to you your all knowing so its futile trying to explain it .
  4. All of my information comes from official network not unofficial . You also obviously never been in a mega tribe either as they breed war rexes and theris that eat gigas for lunch. Remember , just because you never experienced it doesnt mean it doesnt exist... I have no idea where they came from on legacy but ive seen theris and rexes with a ton of mutations which got it that far . As for new officials the best rex i seen was last year which is far outdated by now and wasn't even their best @ 31.8k hp, 1018 melee , 2130 stam for fairly fresh rex which was basically one of their fodder/war rexes back in 2018 so their most likely alot better now . As for the corrupt gms i reported one i found in ticket system only for them to close the ticket ...
  5. You must have never encountered a "god "rex or theri then as they can tear up a tamed giga with ease . They range from 150k-200k+ hp and 2500-4000 melee or better . Ive been around alot longer than you have and seen these first hand , even had it occur a few months ago so you obviously are just spouting off nonsense.
  6. Google any dino or item and you will see them for sale on various sites .
  7. iam surprised no one has come to their rescue by saying its your hardware at fault ..... I played on the island recently since last hotfix (i was fine after initial homestead update) and noticed flashing in the textures like you are .
  8. Wait till it encounters whats called a "god rex" or theri
  9. No it isnt , gigas can turn on your own base due to enrage which helps the raiders , ive seen this alot of times . Not true , Have you ever encountered a several generation rex or theri that has been breed tons of times ? they can beat even wild gigas if you got a good saddle on them . I once seen a 400+ rex that killed gigas with ease and had well over 150k hp which i dont see often on bred gigas. So with that said gigas are not worth it since they nerfed them awhile back.
  10. I agree , those servers is what made them to what they are today and to kick those that got them there to curb by not "supporting " them even letting cheaters run wild without any official response to them . I found a cheater recently and they told me they arnt going to do anything about it since its legacy and i had proof of meshing ! , Literally no play difference between new and legacy servers so if a bug can be found on legacy it will translate over.....
  11. Would you throw away hundreds if not thousands of hours because someone told you to ? no they will keep trying stop it from happening .
  12. Personal prefence so there really isnt a "wonder wyvern" that is best in everything.
  13. That is the biggest excuse i ever seen , ive played online games for decades and when a cheater is spotted they are taken care of quite fast unlike wildcard here but yet its perfectly acceptable for the delay as players that never have been affected by cheaters give them a free pass to take their time on fixing major exploits in the map etc . Ive played games that had tens of thousands of players on at any given time such as blizzard games , eve online as well as other massive populated games that dwarf ark(max i ever seen was 40-60k players on at a given time) yet they never had players trying to make excuses for the devs saying "its a online game and any can play/hack into it" which literally hurts the playerbase due to attitudes like this. Yes any can hack into online games but theres alot of difficulty often and anticheat software is often alerted quickly but heres the thing with ark , the biggest issue right now is meshing which is just exploiting a hole in the map so no hacking is required which they dont do much about . There needs to be a kill barrier like that already exists to a point such as the barrier if you are carried by a bird or anything and mesh into the ground you will either die or rubberband out but this seems to be only in particular areas for some reason . I helped fix an entire region on the island (found tons of holes in the area during EA) so the barrier iam talking about is real and can easily be used across all the map to fix the problem of meshing.
  14. @Jen When is wildcard going to act against meshers ,cheaters , stalkers/harassers (thanks to you allowing players to be tracked by various websites/programs). How many bases lost ,thousands of hours lost , cheaters being allowed just because its legacy (cheating is cheating regardless of where its at) and players stalked is it going to take for wildcard to stop these problems from happening ? I asked in a ticket that has been weeks since i submitted them without proper response on these issues i listed above in particular how to "legitly" defend against meshers without also getting in trouble since one must mesh as well to defend against cheaters in first place since the mesh allows damage on one side and not on other .
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