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  1. Val 581 is also down... Some players are on but not possible for me to join, nor any other OC servers...
  2. Literally cannot use Ark on Steam Mac. Been this way for weeks now. Thanks WC
  3. Can't play on steam with mac machine any longer.
  4. Steam on Mac literally can't launch the software. It's done.
  5. I can't even launch ark... Just doesn't work on Steam with mac any longer.
  6. Wait... I got the patch too. Can play normal again, but can't actually play Valguero? Goes back to menu screen when I try to join servers or run any single player mode with Val map. Is this just me or all Mac users?
  7. Still waiting... Everything is going to die
  8. Not at all rantish... Wildcard's decisions and behaviour are incredibly frustrating and they disregard the valuable commercial relationship between the player base (clients) and themselves. In addition to that, there have been so many breaches of consumer protection legislation here in Aus by Wildcard and Steam... Steam was publicly punished for their refusal to grant refunds and treat consumers with respect. It's awful to get to this point... But it's not unreasonable to be annoyed at them - you paid for a product, you now cannot access it. This is an unreasonable, foreseeable and avoidable issue that the company consciously chooses to allow to occur...
  9. Still unable to play or see any server whatsoever...
  10. You're not the only one - lots of others use Mac and have the same issue. It's not your machine or software, they just haven't released the pc mac patch yet. So even if you don't want to play Valguera, you can't actually play anything until it's released... Which could be months
  11. Yep, been unable to play for days now. Paid for the game... Can't access the game. Probably going to lose everything
  12. No Servers For PC Mac Haven't logged in since last night, but since this afternoon 19/06 (UTC+10), can't see any servers whatsoever. Checked all server types, tried connecting directly to servers through Steam, but all failed. Is it because Mac again does not have the current Ark software during a DLC launch? Come on guys... This is getting old.
  13. Have the same issue + can't see any servers whatsoever...
  14. And back offline now Total recent down time is increasing pretty quickly... Clearly something isn't working properly. Don't think it's going resolve itself...
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