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  1. Lag Issues

    This is still a huge issue - literally no one can play on our server It's nothing to do with the server pop anymore either, there are only ever 15-30 people on the server max. What the hell is going on with Rag servers?? Please fix it, this issue is literally preventing our access to the game...
  2. No sessions found?!!

    yep - same issue. When are we going to move past this crap...

    Same issue. Yet again... Come on guys this is ridiculous!
  4. A fix against duping is at the network level - when they say they need to repurpose or add fixes (to new servers only) because that's how the fix works, they are lying. These new rules are to save bandwidth and overload of their servers - which cause the crashes (not duping).
  5. All servers full!!! Do something!

    Servers are still full after release. Come on guys, how can we play a game that we literally can't play?
  6. Need more servers?

    PC PVE NA The Island please... Constantly full. If I can't play - I will quite. Not because I want to, because I literally can't play
  7. pvp Modded Ragnarok Server + Cluster

    Hey guys would you ever host an actual PVE server?
  8. Community Crunch 100!

    Can we get a 3x event with the new launch? I feel like it is fair after the whole losing everything ordeal...
  9. Is Ragnarok Finished?

    Of course it's not finished... But it is mostly playable - and that's the main thing lol
  10. need help get back in tribe please!

    No more support for legacy... Just cut your losses and prepare for a new start!
  11. The new server list menu

    No more my survivors tab...
  12. Great list - fingers crossed they see it!
  13. Day Zero: Server Information

    Fingers crossed the incremental release doesn't cause server issues because everyone will be bunching up in the same servers...!