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  1. Not an item that can be grinded in the grinder. Introduced with Genesis to prevent easy mass resource gathering from running easy missions consistently. Think it's a stupid addition. They should just cap what each mission gives rather than decide how I should use the items I acquired to help me best survive.
  2. Gamma yes, 2 rings short on Beta but that took a near perfect run. A perfect run could net you beta. Not sure Alpha is possible. No idea on time though. Just trying to complete missions. PS4.
  3. Well you're keeping the stone too since you can grind that for flint or keep stone for sparkpowder. I'm sure some people can fill even more.
  4. Answer in order They are constantly breeding plus base defense dino's. Small Tribes is 2x or 3x rates Successful tribes always have a member on. They do that by having people from all time zones or work shifts. Spamming structures to help prevent enemy FOB's and make them use resources to clear it. They constantly check tribe logs so it gives them early warning of an attack too. If floating in water with turrets, they don't turn on so there is no line of sight issues. PvP does not have a dino limit. They do have platform limit (rafts, motorboats, platform saddles) 8 industrial forges is kind of low to be honest. There is set ups with 20+. Metal rules in Ark PvP. Structures, armor, weapons, ammo, etc. Ab is crazy for metal though so not hard to fill them all up. You can slot cap 15 anky's in an hour with team farming using Karkino's or Skiff.
  5. Between Crystal Isles and the announcement of Genesis 2 being bumped back to early 2021. They'll need to cover that lull. Call it Sept/Oct
  6. Insiding is a valid tactic. He's talking out his backside. Unless you tried to sell him the stuff back for rmt you'll be fine. Also as tribe owner you can make any decisions you see fit to better the tribe. Carry on with the game, let him be bitter.
  7. Rhino's need to be ridden to be viable. So not a great choice if going solo. Just keep killing everything in the places Theri's spawn to get better one's to spawn.
  8. Should work. It's a 14 hour baby time on 2x and they eat quite a bit. Use crumplecorn to help with food needed and in troughs (guessing you'll be using normal). I'd recommend a cryopod too so you can store it when offline. Edit: Even on 2x the egg timer is like 24 hours so be sure to have plenty of fuel in your torches. Angler gel burns very long but sparkpowder is pretty good too.
  9. You can solo Rex and Magmasaur with a Giga (100 imprint, max saddle, 1100 melee is what I use). They attack slower so rage meter can reset. I haven't tried the others yet but tribemates have raged from Golem and Allo. Spino destroyed our Theri Army. A few people said they use mate boosted Giga's and the old back up and bite trick like you do for Titanosaur's.
  10. I did a playthrough where I couldn't unlock any engrams. I had to kill dino's and get stuff from their inventory or find blueprints to craft something. That made it interesting for awhile.
  11. yekrucifixion187

    Mesh Issue

    Mesh Issue I built a base in the Arctic. Found wild dino's spawn and then can enter my base through the mountain at 61.1, 51.4. I'll upload a video then to show. Please fix so my base can be protected.
  12. His point stands. It should be added to the engram list if it is a tameable dino.
  13. Once you get the hover skiff, which can pick up the Magma, mobility is no longer a factor and you don't have to do the throw and rider dismount thing. Crab/anky will just be better for solo farming at that point.
  14. Mine gets about 500 metal a node on Ab with 100 imprint and 250 melee. Not too much less than my 100 imprint 1400 melee Anky.
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