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  1. Lazzarus


    I certainly love the Magmasaur, incredibly useful dino but I've yet to breed them after hearing you can lol.
  2. I can't wait to see what the next installment holds, it's been fun to play so far!
  3. Some of the ideas on here have been great!
  4. The cave on Carno island was always easiest for me with a wolf. Just have to get used to jumping a bit and ensure you have some medical brews to keep you alive through the bat rabies and your wolf should be able to take care of most everything.
  5. There is a single player mode although the one downside to that is if you plan on breeding it does stop timers when you're offline so upside is, nothing starves, downside is nothing matures while you're not playing.
  6. Thank you for the run of x2 and weekend of x3. It helps so much on those longer raises
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