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  1. Pilate72 left Positive feedback   

    Another quick and easy trade :) Thanks for coming to our server.

    thebeardguy was The Seller

  2. ATalkingRock left Positive feedback   

    Fast, reasonable, kind, and accommodating seller! Highly recommend!

    thebeardguy was The Seller

  3. TheJelly left Positive feedback   

    Great trader, smooth and fast to trade with, looking forward to future deals.

    thebeardguy was Trading

  4. AlphaMattPve420 left Positive feedback   

    Nice trader, quick and easy trade will be working with again in the future XD

    thebeardguy was Trading

  5. Tech2Logix left Positive feedback   

    Awesome guy :) Easy & fast trade ^^

    thebeardguy was Trading

  6. Dhalae left Positive feedback   

    Pleasure to deal with! Thanks for the raptors!

    thebeardguy was Trading

  7. pytommy2 left Positive feedback   

    nice and smooth trade

    thebeardguy was Trading

  8. Pilate72 left Positive feedback   

    Quick and easy; I appreciate traders who follow through with their timeline. Would work with again. Thanks!

    thebeardguy was Trading

  9. wolfbastion left Positive feedback   

    Everythink is awsome.. Thanks a lot and hope to see you again

    thebeardguy was Trading

  10. Pitbull3 left Positive feedback   

    Quick when it came to trade, will do business with again.

    thebeardguy was Trading

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