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  1. my base is in redwood i cant login at all it loads up then instantly i get kicked with the message load/timeout connection to host but if i login on my other laptop im just fine
  2. Center Map Problem

    i have the exact same problem
  3. Imprinting Is Unhealthy.

    this is soooooo true
  4. anyone else have a problem with Ovis breeding? when i bred mine it just fell through the world and it was on normal ground
  5. Reverse the changes to the flyer nerf.

    it has gotten better but its still horrible
  6. Microtransactions

    please dont get that started
  7. So what did you do in ARK today?

    hatched my therizino twins
  8. Titanboa Farm in PvE

    yea set it up the same way but add a 1 way ramp
  9. Transfers Down?

    i had the same problem would just keep relogging eventually it would come up
  10. Unable to transfer dino

    dont transfer them atm i did a bear last night parked him in my house relogged and he was gone
  11. Dinos dissapearing

    So i transferred a bear to scorched last night park him in my house relog 5 minutes tops come back and the bear has vanished anyone else having this problem?
  12. the flyer nerf was just rediculous how can you give us flyers with the travel speed for this long period of time and then just take it away?