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  1. ArkDoneRight

    Definitely Not A Rant...

    And it's in general discussion because it's a general discussion about where ark/wild card is heading. And you're dead right, everything seems to be on hold until aberration. The stupid part about all of this is that i do really like the game, i just think they should priorities differently.
  2. ArkDoneRight

    Definitely Not A Rant...

    I don't have the numbers, but is there a way to see how many people refunded the game when they launched with only 20 servers? there was mass steam refunds, no? They really didn't rush to fix the issue of not enough servers per game sold.
  3. ArkDoneRight

    Definitely Not A Rant...

    To be fair Casanova is "them" =(
  4. ArkDoneRight

    Definitely Not A Rant...

    I'm not backing the theft claim, but people could claim the change of release dates of the actual launch as something that breaks consumer laws in some european countries and in Australia you could get a refund pre-release as it would fall under our false advertising laws.
  5. ArkDoneRight

    Definitely Not A Rant...

    You're not wrong, but my gripe isnt with the delay or expansion itself. When finished, looks great, pats on the back. What annoyed me was that out of no where THEY set the timeline, THEY created the expectation The fact that the player base knew it wouldn't be ready on october shows that it's actually them that lacks knowledge of processes and the time it would take their team to complete.
  6. ArkDoneRight

    Definitely Not A Rant...

    I dont think i took the live stream out of context at all, if you want more context 20 seconds later they started talking about the free skins... usually out of context would imply that i left a key part of the conversation out. In the grand scheme of things i understand they listen to their customers and understand they're not always right or that their complaint or feedback is valid. It's just frustrating when they hear the feedback they say they'll implement the feedback, but they dont. you could look through countless community crunches / digests see the Q&A, see them say, it's a good idea and they're looking forward to implementing it soon... but it jsut never comes. I think that it's an interesting discussion about the cost of servers and how to pay for it. we would never know if people would actually pay for Official clusters or not because we weren't really given that option. but it would be interesting if season pass went toward servers and you could join one "premium cluster" which would be off meta, ie one with only solo players on it. i'd love to see a solo player cluster and see how it all goes.... there are over 2000 unofficial servers so its clear some people are willing to pay to get the game play they want, the issue with unoffical is that its really hard to populate the servers because you can't stand out and for some servers they don't even show up when searched for (wouldn't want to fix that por favor) I agree that expansions were / are part of the game, but this wasn't like wow when people are content locked waiting for the new expansion, although mega tribes didnt take long to refresh and get tek, i'm not sure the mega tribes were like "done! gg put game down."
  7. ArkDoneRight

    Definitely Not A Rant...

    So i watched 5 minutes of the livestream from twitchcon and saw how far behind they are in aberration then went off and played another game. Then i saw the Jat and Jen announcements about how aberration would be delayed "some weeks" like we all saw that coming, that didn't even trigger me. It was when Jen said, and i quote: and then they go on, but the copy of the video i was watching they talk over her because her word isn't worth a grain of salt. So this triggered me on three levels Wild Card had their game in beta/alpha for years and didn't listen to the core of their playing group more often than not, so having only a couple streamers to ignore might be easier on them If they actually listened to feedback and not do their own thing, they would've released more official servers at release, and maybe even servers with a tribe cap instead of having mega tribes ruin their official servers But instead of listening they try to distract us by announcing an expansion (that no one even asked for) to be released in October (which was clearly an unrealistic expectation) Just give us our TLC patches, and then maybe make an expansion called "Ark Survival Evolved: Fixed Version" and charge people for that.
  8. ArkDoneRight

    pvp [PC PvP] Launch 9/15 2x All

    Less than 24 hours until launch and almost 100 unique website views! Exciting times ahead, Even though tribes are capped at 5, don't be scared to play solo or find a tribe on the server. I'll be playing solo no quetz for me! =(
  9. ArkDoneRight

    pvp [PC PvP] Launch 9/15 2x All

    Just a quick update: The server is ready to go, all the settings are ready, but i will keep the server offline until 9:30 EDT. For information about how to connect to the server go to https://www.cappedtribe.com/how-to-connect/ To be clear, the server is very vanilla with 2x rates (2.5x during events) and NO MODS. Thanks for checking us out! <3
  10. With the inflated interest in near official rates (given how popular launch was) I was excited to play on Official. But mega tribes would do me backwards every other night. I can't compete as a solo player with any tribe of 10 or more. So i thought to myself, (both before and after launch) why isn't there a cluster with a tribe cap of 5 people per tribe? After a week of reaching out to the community, I'm happy to say that I am ready to launch my First Capped Tribe Server. I have 1,700 hours on ark and love most aspects of this game. The rates are "near official" - 2x harvest, tame, xp and maturation. The server will officially be online September 15th @ 9:30pm EDT (New York) |||| 6:30pm PDT (Los Angeles) |||| For easy time conversion, go to: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ For way more information, and ways to keep up with any announcements head to CappedTribe.com I hope to see you on launch, and if not, soon after
  11. ArkDoneRight

    Be a Doer. (Opinions and Thoughts)

    I don't complain about what happens, i'm OK with that, it's the delay of communication and the lack of pre planning involved, were they drunk one night and said "SCREW IT, LETS RELEASE AUGUST 8" woke up and then they were like .... well i said i don't do well with tequila. So lets pretend they never had August 8 as the release date. Let's pretend that the 29th was and will always be the only release date.. even though they announced it at the start of August, it took them until the 23rd to get into the nitty gritty of when servers are predicted to actually be released. Let's not forget the purge list (which i understand and have no interest in) was meant to come out on the Tuesday, and then they're like sorry its actually going to come out on the Wednesday, AND THEN they only released it Thursday morning at 12:30am (ET which is what we go by because that's the timezone produced for everything including when the servers come up). You might say, well buddy that's only 30 minutes late. I understand they have pressing issues to tackle. But never have i seen so many, We'll tell you tomorrow, and by tomorrow we mean the endless cycle of tomorrows as it will always be today. >< I'm a stickler for punctuality and not only are they not punctual, they don't really prioritize time management. For example in the digest the questions above and below my post was replied to, but not mine, and mine was just an ETA on when we'd know the release time exactly... they not only flat out ignored that question (That was a pressing question, as it was under 2 weeks to release) they answered questions that are based on events and updates months away. When i pointed this out, not only did i get a warning for "Hijacking a post" they didn't even give a complementary, we've read your question and will be releasing that information next week. I love ark, I just wish they'd try harder on their customer service side of things.
  12. What am I going to do? Probably call ghost busters!
  13. ArkDoneRight

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    So does the server blackout then mean even the BRAND NEW servers will come up at 8am ET?
  14. ArkDoneRight

    server repurpose list.

    PvE probably wouldn't have been repurposed if PvE players didn't cry and moan about initially not getting brand new servers.
  15. With server release 11 days away, why would you neglect all the questions about when the server is being released (specific time). Even straight up answering, "we don't plan on telling you, just start hitting refresh as soon as its the 29th and cross your fingers!" would be more helpful then this digest... I just don't see a more pressing question, all the questions are generally not going to be implemented in the next 11 days. Unless you patch hard. Hurry up and pull your finger out