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  1. pvp [PC PvP] Launch 9/15 2x All

    Less than 24 hours until launch and almost 100 unique website views! Exciting times ahead, Even though tribes are capped at 5, don't be scared to play solo or find a tribe on the server. I'll be playing solo no quetz for me! =(
  2. pvp [PC PvP] Launch 9/15 2x All

    Just a quick update: The server is ready to go, all the settings are ready, but i will keep the server offline until 9:30 EDT. For information about how to connect to the server go to To be clear, the server is very vanilla with 2x rates (2.5x during events) and NO MODS. Thanks for checking us out! <3
  3. With the inflated interest in near official rates (given how popular launch was) I was excited to play on Official. But mega tribes would do me backwards every other night. I can't compete as a solo player with any tribe of 10 or more. So i thought to myself, (both before and after launch) why isn't there a cluster with a tribe cap of 5 people per tribe? After a week of reaching out to the community, I'm happy to say that I am ready to launch my First Capped Tribe Server. I have 1,700 hours on ark and love most aspects of this game. The rates are "near official" - 2x harvest, tame, xp and maturation. The server will officially be online September 15th @ 9:30pm EDT (New York) |||| 6:30pm PDT (Los Angeles) |||| For easy time conversion, go to: For way more information, and ways to keep up with any announcements head to I hope to see you on launch, and if not, soon after
  4. Be a Doer. (Opinions and Thoughts)

    I don't complain about what happens, i'm OK with that, it's the delay of communication and the lack of pre planning involved, were they drunk one night and said "SCREW IT, LETS RELEASE AUGUST 8" woke up and then they were like .... well i said i don't do well with tequila. So lets pretend they never had August 8 as the release date. Let's pretend that the 29th was and will always be the only release date.. even though they announced it at the start of August, it took them until the 23rd to get into the nitty gritty of when servers are predicted to actually be released. Let's not forget the purge list (which i understand and have no interest in) was meant to come out on the Tuesday, and then they're like sorry its actually going to come out on the Wednesday, AND THEN they only released it Thursday morning at 12:30am (ET which is what we go by because that's the timezone produced for everything including when the servers come up). You might say, well buddy that's only 30 minutes late. I understand they have pressing issues to tackle. But never have i seen so many, We'll tell you tomorrow, and by tomorrow we mean the endless cycle of tomorrows as it will always be today. >< I'm a stickler for punctuality and not only are they not punctual, they don't really prioritize time management. For example in the digest the questions above and below my post was replied to, but not mine, and mine was just an ETA on when we'd know the release time exactly... they not only flat out ignored that question (That was a pressing question, as it was under 2 weeks to release) they answered questions that are based on events and updates months away. When i pointed this out, not only did i get a warning for "Hijacking a post" they didn't even give a complementary, we've read your question and will be releasing that information next week. I love ark, I just wish they'd try harder on their customer service side of things.
  5. What am I going to do? Probably call ghost busters!
  6. The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    So does the server blackout then mean even the BRAND NEW servers will come up at 8am ET?
  7. server repurpose list.

    PvE probably wouldn't have been repurposed if PvE players didn't cry and moan about initially not getting brand new servers.
  8. With server release 11 days away, why would you neglect all the questions about when the server is being released (specific time). Even straight up answering, "we don't plan on telling you, just start hitting refresh as soon as its the 29th and cross your fingers!" would be more helpful then this digest... I just don't see a more pressing question, all the questions are generally not going to be implemented in the next 11 days. Unless you patch hard. Hurry up and pull your finger out
  9. That's bumptastic a time + timezone is all i require
  10. ARK Digest Q&A!

    1. Are you able to give a time and timezone for the release of new servers? The last digest, you'll find i was the first person to comment asking the same question, then you screwed me by delaying the game. that's one week of annual leave i'll never get back, and one week i cant take for the actual release. Time to call in sick >< 2. Why am i the only one asking this question? ^^^ 3. Can you tell me about the legal ramifications of your failed August 8 release, and how we can go about compensation for aggrieved parties (I'll be happy if you just explained how screwed you got by the European consumer law)
  11. Fresh Server Starting

    Yeah, i find there aren't many "vanilla servers" and the ones that are close to vanilla aren't fresh wipes ><
  12. Fresh Server Starting

    A little bit of buzz on the reddit thread, hoping to get a little more buzz though. the more the merrier.
  13. Fresh Server Starting

    HI EVERYONE! Last year i played over 1000 hours of ark but then stopped playing after moving servers 3 times then on the last server being destroyed by admin abuse. I came back to ark a couple weeks ago but have struggled to find a server that meets the way i want to play the game. I'm trying to create a server that: * Has a community feel with community involvement * Low multipliers * Dedicated players * Decent population numbers I will try and achieve this by: * Being transparent * Creating democracy * Being easy to get in contact with * And run the odd community event, like boxing matches, dino v dino death matches and what not. All for prizes that i will farm or find my by myself, not by admincheating. I am just trying to find out if i can get enough people on the server to make it worth while, i won't be starting the server until April 18th, this gives one week to receive feedback on multipliers, than another week to get everybody to bug their friends to join a fresh server! I want everybody to have an even start with no feeling of "being behind" I understand that re-rolling can be painful for lots of people, that is why i have an option to have the XP multiplier pretty high, because most players have probably played before and it's just frustrating rushing to 85 to get that industrial forge! If you are interested in joining our server please give us an up vote and/or vote on our initial polls on our website, I'm really sorry that you have to sign up to enjin to vote, but i promise you it'll be worth it as once the server is up and running, i'll generally use that for any communication with the whole server. I'm going to post this on reddit, steam and survive the ark, i hope that i can get to enough people to create a bit of buzz over the next 2 weeks. if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reply on these threads or go straight to ArkDoneRight forums.