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  1. Is there a complete mission admin command for the gen 2 missions does anyone know. The race ones annoy me and I wanna just skip them so I can do boss fights for my server
  2. Tried playing the team downriver run mission and my friend and I have got stuck on nothing 3 times now. 2 times it some how let us go after about a min but this last one we’ve been stuck on top of the first waterfall for 8 mins so far. We can turn the canoe in a circle on the spot but that’s it
  3. what since when. Dam and here I was thinking it was a survival based game with dinosaurs.
  4. I really shouldn't have had my Hope's up for a tek dinosaur that wasn't just something I could have added one of the tek costumes to my self..... come on guys give us something new something cool tek dodo, tek jerboa, tek thylacoleo, tek therrizino something different and cool while we wait for the next dlc. the rex was great the steggo was ok the raptor well now it's just the same stuff we've already got/seen
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