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  1. There is a Support tab at the top for when you find some real spamming abuse to report.
  2. Op went back the next day hardly a short period of time. You make an assumption I am timid and many more, you have know idea what your talking about, you don't know anything about me. What you are doing is filling in the narrative with your own thoughts, assumption on how you think others behave to fit into your narrative so you can dribble on about your own made up retric.
  3. Had a Mosa get delivered 30 min before appointment was scheduled once, the dipstick GM left it in my water pen unclaimed and didn't even message me they had been and delivered it. I was even in game crafting stuff in the base at the time. GM's to lazy to type a 3 second message in tribe chat.
  4. Op said they left because they were upset, they had their feelings hurt, they could not play the game because the bullies were still there escalating the abuse. They will be there again and again they will abuse the OP. That's winning! I don't have conflicts in the game very often and when I do I deal with them in the correct way and not give people an excuse or reason to continue to annoy me. I don't do nothing and walk away, just saying there is a better way with better results. Your solution is short term creates more ongoing conflicts. You are just banging your head against the brick wall and don't even know it. From what you say I get the impression you are a bully trying to bully other bullies therefore you are part of the problem and the culture that OP is complaining about to begin with.
  5. If I had a fear of conflict I wouldn't say anything on a forum. It improved the game so much the OP had to leave. Everything else you said is a crappy made up opinionated rant. The OP had a great solution to the whole problem and that was to give us back the ability to do boss fights from transmitters. Not one have you have even bothered to say anything about a solution other than to keep causing conflict at the Obi or to justify the actions of the OP to encourage more conflict. I get the impression you all want the conflict.
  6. This is wrong and should be dealt with properly. The way you are dealing with it wont stop it.
  7. You can assume all you want, it is foolish and immature to say the least. you should probably stick to the facts you know and not speculate. Success in Ark is good planning and preparation if you can't organise things to make game life easier for you than I am ok with you continuing to do things the hard way. You had some people say nasty words to you so you walk on to an Obi and press a button that destroys their dino's and nobody can stop you from doing it because it's PVE. A player destroying other players dino's in PVE, what's the CoC say about that? I don't think it say under these circumstances it's ok. You then left because they kept saying nasty words to you because of what you did and it upset you. That's not making a stand that's just asking for more trouble.
  8. I am not an advocate for anyone, just looking at facts. One side cheering because someone hurt the abusive tribe by taking matters into their own hands enrages the abusive players into a retaliation phase because they all know who did it and there is nothing stopping them escalating the situation. How is that a positive thing for a server? If a GM had of handled it there would not be the retaliation and continued conflict. On a legacy server we had a tribe build and block the green Obi on the Island, the GM's response was that there are other Obi's and supply drops. They know you can use them and don't see why you can't use them. Supply drops are difficult but not impossible to use. Put sleeping bags in a circle to mark the area to stand in and place your dino's within, pre load the artifacts in Ark Data for quick transfer. If drops happened to drop in random places you could argue about this method. I have also had similar experience with GM's response times but at least they responded. I had a roll rat farm tethered in front of my base blocking access to my gates and had to wait for a week before it got deleted. The players who put it there never bothered me again, zero reprisals because the GM did the enforcement.
  9. After a few thousand hours I have noticed what goes on in Ark so there is no need to waste your time telling me what happens in Ark. The system is there to report, it's not perfect. Most of the time I have seen action in less than a few days not weeks on Obi matters. I made it very clear what I would do. There is nothing philosophical about this, people justifying their own actions to make 2 wrongs into a right is fairly plain and simple. Did you read what you wrote about after you labeled me a "Big Talker" You did exactly what you were accusing me of in your little rant. What does "your poor surroundings" even mean. "there wouldn't be a problem in the first place if the other tribe was considerate." This was the only thing you said that makes any sense and is actually a positive thing to add to the conversation.
  10. So killing someone's dino's is not aggressive lol. I know it's against CoC to leave Dino's there, I have reported plenty of players for it and lmao when the Dino's get deleted. You deliberately did it to piss them off and upset them, a negative action that's toxic behaviour whether or not you think it's justified it's still toxic. Your story is basically they bullied me into behaving badly but I am the victim who fights toxic with toxic. You are no better than them. You said you quit after you killed the dino's and they abused you, that would have showed them you weren't to be messed with and can't be bullied. "You seem like a person that has never been bullied" You say that like I have not got a right to say anything if I wasn't bullied,lol. I saw what you wrote and shared my thoughts if that upsets you or irritates you because you wont get a well done pat on the back from everyone trophy then you need to grow a pair.
  11. A toxic player is someone who negatively impacts a game in an intentional way. Will that do for a definition? OP did not create a positive vibe in the server from what he said it was fairly negative. Didn't help him achieve anything because he left. How does that help other people who have issues with toxic players in the server if one person stirs up the crap and then leaves? The other player's might have been in between boss fights or playing the game the way they wanted to within the CoC and this guy start badgering them to leave and gets pushy about them moving there stuff. A lack of communication, different languages can all be frustrating so because they were rude, called him a few bad names he just kills all their dino's. That might be the perspective from how one side see's it and therefore they report OP as griefing them and lol they all get banned for breaking the CoC. Fact is you and me dont know the whole story from both sides so I will look at what the OP said he did and that is not positive behavior. Reporting players properly is doing nothing and you think breaking the CoC is the best course of action, lol. Someone will use your reasoning against you one day.
  12. Taking matters into your own hands, that's always worked out well in history. I would not have lowered to their level which is now your level. I would have screenshot the chat and done the report to the GM's and waited. I do things within the parameters of the rules. It may take some time for action to be taken but I don't have to put up with people being sausages because they can argue with the GM's for all I care while I go about playing the game. At the end of the day it is just a game and not important enough to go getting all frustrated about.
  13. I hate the idiots who block the Obi just as much as anyone but that does not make me behave the same way they do. You are no better than them. I would say worse due to the fact you think you are justified to do it. You wont change my opinion so dont try. "We said we will come back tomorrow, we thought to let things calm down. Only because my sister and myself were getting rather upset about the way we were spoken to by this particular tribe." How did you think they would respond after you made them angry? HaHa snowflakes are funny.
  14. Yes it is wrong and selfish to block an Obi but how does being toxic and leaving the server for the day because of the fallout in chat make what they did less evil than the players who left their crap on the Obi in the 1st place. Were all the obi's blocked? Is it hard to use cryopods to move to another Obi?
  15. Out of all the solutions Op could have used you think the best course of action was to be toxic.
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