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  1. Ced, c’mon man... You guys made this forum for this reason, I know you said it was unlikely, but over a year later, this still sits up in the top of the forums.. EVOLVE ARK!
  2. My thoughts exactly. I pay to rent a server, and it’s not “role play” but we do have shops, and centers for better interactions and more controlled PVP, and it works relatively well, but with Prim+ items included, it could only be better.
  3. Absolutely; I know it was mentioned. But it is a golden idea, and as you said. It would help Prim+ get some quick fixes if these things made it in to the base game. Which would help everyone. Ark is a fantastic game. But sometimes you just want to do more, and with Lumber, Brick, and reinforced glass and such, it could be that much better.
  4. Continue Prim+ as normal, but Add some of the great things from Prim+ to Regular Ark. Like the building materials, equipment, and maybe even let us have the option to build the primitive industrial stuff. The mod has so many great things to make ark more than just survival, (not that that’s not enough) I think we’re long overdue for new items. Including new foods, recipes, drinks, materials, and all sorts of crazy things that regular ark should have.
  5. So, quick thing I should mention before adding my 2 cents; I played Prim+ quite a lot when it first released for console. I love it. Mostly because it has SO many things the regular ARK doesn’t. That being said. I think you should integrate it into the current build of ARK, because of the lack of attention it’s had, to most it will seem like an entire new DLC for the game, and get some real traffic back to this already fantastic game. Regular ARK needs these items and materials. I own a server, and love building new stuff. But basic ARK just doesn’t have all the items for crafting and building new stuff. I rambled. But that’s my thought on this..
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