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  1. 9 hours ago, Karutapja said:

    Indeed it is up now. Seems like they have changed the server IP without telling us. Needed to find the server again from the list (favorites doesn't show it). 

    Lost few high lvl growing wyverns and tons of good rexes again thanks to it :|


    Didn't even think of this possibility, as after the patch, the long downtimes were common. Hopefully less crashing now. 


    they did say it on twitter
    79, 211, 513, 524, 550, & 555 are all back online now. You will have to search and re-add these to your favorites again as they will no longer show up there.
    5:17 PM · Oct 26, 2019·TweetDeck
  2. Just now, RipRavage said:

    Any idea exactly how much weaker the valguero dragon is?  I know the Valguero Broodmother takes 3x damage, so I wonder if the dragon is the same or if it just has different stats.

    I'm not sure cuz I'm only fought the boss once and I did it with rex's

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