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  1. 2 hours ago, Zipran1 said:


    I want my money back. Too many issues and you avoiding me about my money.

    which system are you playing on and where did you buy ur copy of ARK

  2. 3 hours ago, MizzKessi said:

    Server rolled back a whole week

    Our official Na PvP server went down when the valentines even ended it took till an hour ago to come back and we log in and the entire server is rolled back a week we lost everything we  red on valentines day almost our entire base as we move in a week and a half ago I don't  understand this game 

    this server?

  3. the valguero Manticore landing bug is due to that the manticore there is probally based off the early form of the manticore from SE before it was fixed to a point and the makers of the Val Map have seem to wash their hands of fixing anything with the map and left it to WC to fix and it is on the low end of the priority list to be fixed most likely, your best bet is if u are using all ground based dinos to do the fight, try staying still and see if it will land, this tends to help on the SE manticore

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