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  1. 15 hours ago, HypoGamer01 said:

    Lost Characters

    Hello Wildcard,

    me and my Tribe members lost our characters on EU-OfflineRaidProtection-Aberration-CrossArk10  Ps4. We can't find our characters on the other offline raid protection cross ark 10 servers. Please help us. The Player names on Ps4 are mxrossi , sabisabs90 , Hypo_Gamer01 


  2. Those cryo pods  That are given automatically when your dyno is within a mission area that requires you to do the mission on foot  And your dinos are automatically put into them are meant to be temporary they only have an hour of power and them you must take the dinos out of those temporary cryo pods or risk losing them

     Those cryopods are not meant to be kept

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  3. 10 hours ago, Scrysis said:

    Nope.  It happens in ocean.  On the islands.  Where there are no swarms.


     Are your garden plots built on top of an ocean platform or cliff platforms  right on top of the water

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