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  1. Turrets need to be hard limited like a tame count. All turret damage needs to be buffed but heavy turrets need to insta kill anything under a giga. Plant X also needs a damage buff but it should also be limited. Plant X should also be the anti flyer meta. There also needs to be a prefabbed concrete pillbox/bunker structure to place turrets in. No more unrealistic metal towers with hundreds of turrets. We need bunker/concrete building tier that's outrageously expensive to build but also hard to destroy. make or improve better siege weapons / artillery to counter insta kill turrets.
  2. I think a movie and tv series spin off could be really feasible with some creative writing. Game of thrones, meets westworld meets Jurassic park meets mad max and a zombie survival wrapped into one. The movie could start off simply with different characters waking up on a beach, dovetailing into an introduction about an evil alpha tribe massacaring villages, plenty of dino raiding war scenes and a hero that overcomes the odds to kill the alpha tribe leader. In addition the movie could feature the current music paired with heavy metal scores during giga / Rex scenes. Just needs good writers and a budget for cgi and props.
  3. Everyone loves dinosaur movies. Has Wildcard considered doing a movie based on the ARK universe and in game sandbox scenarios that play out everyday?
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