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  1. AsukaETS

    Can you sell land?

    Well... In my serv some people tried to sell dinos slots too... I don't think it's against the rules but it's completly an asshole move
  2. AsukaETS

    Dinos returning to base upon player death

    Just read my entire message and not only a part The imprint was just an exemple because we have nothing else but we need a real "dino's affection" system
  3. AsukaETS

    Dinos returning to base upon player death

    I think this will be too easy, that a survival so we have to deal with death, but maybe we can link that to the imprint percentage, if the dino is like 90% imprinted he will love you and will be more like "Oh no my hooman died, go back to base with his bag !" but poorly imprinted dinos will be like "Oh my hooman died, time to be free !" and you'll have to search him (not too far of your died spot so it's not too hard). But with this idea we need an imprint system for tamed dinos or something like this
  4. AsukaETS


    Megalosaurus aren't as rare as unicorns. Only one unicorn can be tame on a server (well, officialy) but you can tame tons of Megalo if you want ^^ (plus, in The Center you can often see 2 ou 3 of them sleeping on floating island)
  5. AsukaETS

    How to avoid Leedsichthys?

    That the spirit I killed a Leed with a pike and he let me do it, I didn't attacked me (or maybe he was afraid of me, too powerful for him )
  6. AsukaETS

    How to avoid Leedsichthys?

    Or if you have a tribemate he can kill it, Leeds are not that hard to kill with a great weapon or dino
  7. AsukaETS

    Worst thing to happen to you ingame?

    It's the worst when you lose a powerful dino to a crappy lvl 5 thing D:
  8. AsukaETS


    It's not really about the "unicorn" but about the rarity of it Put a Parasaur with a special skin that spawn only one time and everyone will be after it
  9. AsukaETS

    Worst thing to happen to you ingame?

    When I saw the message "Your Wyvern was killed by a Theri (lvl 5)" I was so upset because my dinos on neutral didn't move to protect the Wyvern (they were just in front of it), lost my very first Wyvern because of the game
  10. AsukaETS


    Yep only 1 unicorn for a serv is sad And nobody know who have it, if somebody have it so people keep searching (maybe for nothing)