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  1. Zata left Positive feedback   

    a very friendly trader :) would trade again

    AsukaETS was The Seller

  2. Jamie2142 left Positive feedback   

    2nd time trading with Asuka for a nice mutated Equus. Very happy with the trade and will buy from again ++

    AsukaETS was The Seller

  3. Jamie2142 left Positive feedback   

    Very good trade happy with the 2 Unicorns I bought. I will be buying from again in the future

    AsukaETS was The Seller

  4. sunangel1996 left Positive feedback   

    Super fast, friendly , would recomend and will trade again

    AsukaETS was Trading

  5. DeningWei left Positive feedback   

    Good guy, keeps his word, would like to trade again

    AsukaETS was Trading