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  1. Ark map file into GIS Hello, I have enjoyed the game, but I always forget where everything is. I like the resource and dino spawn maps, but I really want the ability to create, edit, and add pin's to my own map. If possible I would even like the ability to view a 3d version of the map outside of the game. Is the map file readable in GIS software?
  2. Thank you for this quick response, I know in a game like this change will be normal!
  3. Hello Ark'ers!, I bought ark just a short while ago to join a private server with a clan of Star Citizen players to waste some time on while we wait for that game to finish. I have really fallen in love with ARK; now, I have played MMO's for 28 years (MO at first) including EQ, WOW, EQII, to name a couple. This is my first sand box, none pvp, none main stream MMORPG. My thoughts on ARK in general: As my first sand box game, I really like the game play and concept. leveling, gathering, building, fighting dino's and then taming dino's has been a massive joy. Losing all the great gear I
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