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  1. Landmines

    Are the devs going to add new engrams to the game like they used to do in EA ?
  2. Landmines

    Love all of your ideas man !
  3. Landmines

    different variants of landmines would be great !
  4. Tek hibernation pod

    Nice idea, I love it
  5. Tek hibernation pod

    The hibernation pod is basiclly a bed, but instead when you sleep/lay in it, you gain a resting buff with a cooldown depending on the amount of time you'vr remained inside the pod What do you guys think ?
  6. Humans NPCs

  7. Fish Tank/Aquarium

    This might help my tribe transfer dinos easily
  8. Landmines

    Maybe a friend can disarm it while you're on top of it. edit: I got you wrong, I thought you said that there should be a way to counter the landmines once stepped on. Anyways, a metal detector might be helpful for this kind of situation.
  9. Landmines

    I think ark needs landmines, it would provide more ways to defend your base against intruders. The way it works is just exactly like how a real landmine works, you place it on the ground and if a survivor steps on it, it beeps once and it turns red. Once the survivor moves on the landmine triggers and as a result explodes. To craft a landmind you'll need: -25 metal ingots -10 electronics -50 gunpowder -20 crystals What do you guys think ?
  10. When it was on, it had no effect on my gameplay.
  11. Are you a computer engineer or a developer, cuz frankly you have no idea what you're talking about...
  12. So I made a mirror yesterday, and I was pretty excited about it being able to see myself you know, until I read that game needs to be running on epic settings for the mirror to show your reflection and ofcourse on ps4 the game is not even on high settings... @JatGreat job ark devs...
  13. So I've been watching alot of MHW videos and I have to say the game looks really really good, and then I thought about ARK and how it would've looked way way more polished if it had similar animations and habits to dinos like the ones in MWH. I hope the devs do get it right with the upcoming Dino TLC.
  14. I don't know why this isn't a thing, but most of the community needs it. It just doesn't make sense that these creatures are infertile.