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  1. Yes... FatDog. His videos changed my ARK building life, a lot. Good friggin suggestion, if FatDog does something we might as well all do it just like that.
  2. Right after they update and patch ARK on Switch.
  3. Well that is bonkers. I guess there is the motivation for re-tooling lines of x-dinos?
  4. Dink? RESPECTED? You must be shrooming... Jk. Dink is coo'. @djmcghee2018: I would do as advised, and look for/wait for official word that the server will wipe before picking up and leaving. I don't know the likelihood that WC would just wipe a whole server willy-nilly, but I think its pretty low.
  5. I have a few community maps installed, some ARK mods, as well as all the official supported DLC maps (canon and non-canon). ARK is 132 GB on my PC, so I know its a recommendation but you need at least double that. I have old laptop with a 240gb SSD in it, and Windows 10 and ARK do not fit on the SSD with the current amount of mods and maps I am subscribed to. I know you aren't saying you are getting a 60 GB SSD, but just some info for you.
  6. Unfortunately something as big as CI can't really be optimized. It is, so far, a beautifully designed map, and the Crystal Wyverns are great little speedy fliers though there is little chance they will make it into the Official Release. Once CI is built up on and loaded down with dinos and structures, I think it will be a lot worse than Ragnarok on Official with lagspikes because CI is so big... We'll see I guess. Not certain the size of CI compared to Rag, but it seems much much bigger. Wishlist is not to totally gut everything that Isolde has put into it. There is a lot of content. I'm thinking the Crystal Wyverns will go away, as well as the CI-Phoenix, most of the Extinction Dinos and OSDs, the absolute 100% entirety of the Eldritch Isle, and they'll probably release the Archelon (which would be good) or something as the real-world Dino, but even with all that gone it is a great map. I am excited.
  7. If you have a cloning chamber and some spare element, this is a great way to get over a breeding slump @miXoN. It's expensive, but when the perfect baby comes and you can actually progress your lines, you'll be very relieved!
  8. I've considered trying out those. I like PvP, the increased threat that players present really can spice up gameplay and get the adrenaline flowing, but my longest unraided run on SmallTribes was about 2 weeks, actually got a good amount of kit and even defended myself once. But in the grand old tradition, I then logged into a red tribelog and respawn screen. On regular old official, I got by for a bit less time at my longest stretch, but while 1x PvE is bearable, I didn't have the heart to stay on 1x PvP for long enough to learn good ways to not get raided. It happens just as frequently there, and is much more of a setback. I dunno though.
  9. You are preaching to the choir though, the idea that ARK Official PvP is played like ARK: CoD Evolved isn't new. It's the reason people are willing to log into servers and bootlick the MegaTribes. It increasees the likelihood they can get a single powerful creature and go all CoD on a bunch of bobs. You won't change any PvP'ers mind here either. Most of the PvP players who frequent the forums are very outspoken and proud of their ability to wreck noobs in the name of pre-pre-preemptive self defense. The people who play PvE don't want to deal with that mess, so we all mostly play PvE to avoid that self-promoting toxicity. And the devs, well they just let the game be the game. In 5 years there have been damn near close to ZERO implementations to remove griefing opportunities, so I would guess they aren't starting now.
  10. The proceeding is my opinion and experience from the small-ish amount of time I spent on Official PvP. 1: Because ARK is a game where you are damn near assured you are getting people's goat with what you can do in the game with raiding, particularly on Official PvP, and especially when you have hit a level where you know the majority of people can't touch you. That's the fun part for some people who habitually wipe servers: Knowing that tomorrow, people will be logging in to a respawn screen and a solid red TribeLog and then raging out, well... that right there is the best way for them to enjoy the game. And they can do that, and they want to do that, so they do that. Some of them might be YouTubers needing to post an updated griefing with AimBot video, but most are probably just wanting that salt with a distant secondary objective of looking for anything useful like blueprints. They all have an endless supply of reasons why they do this, and it makes them seem justified and at the same time powerful, and the reasons make you even seem weak, but if there is nothing to gain, there is no reason other than bullying for the sake of bullying, because it's allowed, and you can. 2: The developers have always left it up to the playerbase to decide how politics will work with PvP. Long ago, the Alpha Tribe on a server kinda was a steward of the server, and kept things a bit healthy. Some were more controlling than others (I remember having to broker a deal to build in an area), some would wipe anyone at metal tier (culling real threats), and I've seen some that were pretty laid back. With cryopods and server transfers, there are no server Alphas, just Tribes with Powerful Creatures. Toward the middle of Early Access, people started just killing/wiping anything that would move. That trend hasn't really went away, and sure there are servers owned by MegaTribes, but they don't really "alpha" in the sense that they used to. So, understand, it wasn't always like this, the players have made it like this. WildCard hasn't done anything about it, but it is the players taking the liberty. 3: There are many examples and stories of people surviving as solo players. 95% or more of them end up raided, 4% end up sticking around for a bit, getting some tames, and then getting raided, and the last 1% actually stay around and make it work as solo. Survivors with Powerful Creatures show up and wipe servers for the lulz, and other big tribes think its funny. Occasionally the Tribes with Powerful Creatures fight each other, and put it on YouTube with increased-pitch-vocal autotuned DubStep (every god-damned video, I REALLLLY don't get it!) serenading you as you watch 15 MEKs hack down the spam leading to their main base. Every now and then, one is killed by a Rhino, and there are always Managarmr, nerf or not. Those two things are the grossly vast majority of what happens on Official PvP: Survivors with Powerful Creatures wiping servers, or two Tribes with Powerful Creatures spamming MEKs, Managarmr, and Rhinos on each other until one of their bases falls.
  11. I'd be down for Switch TLC pass too, and DLC release. Abstraction said that internally they figure they can speed the game up with load times and pop-in, and other stuff. @Cedric pass this on for us, eh?
  12. It's so funny, even after all the nerfs, the Mana is still as widely used and widely hated on PvP as it has ever been. Short of restricting Manas to Extinction only or removing their Ice Breath attack altogether, what could they do to actually balance that thing? About TLC3: Carno, Galli, Pelagornis, Terror Bird, Pachy, Lymantria, Megalodon. Also, add the Archelon. The rest of TLCs can wait in my opinion. Those creatures are near useless as is, and I personally don't care about model reworks. I feel like ability/stat reworks are what can make a creature useful and actually shake things up (which I figure is supposed to be the point of the TLC passes). Look at the Raptor: New model, gorgeously done. Unchanged other than pounce attack (stats the same). Still not regularly used post-tame because it is so shrimpy. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I know: every person in the thread goes out every day to Carno Island with a Raptor Pack to hunt Alphas, or raids using only Raptors every day. It's pretty, but it basically serves to frustrate players when wild due to the pounce, and after tame it just hangs out in the base looking at you with its beautiful face. I know a lot of people that play ARK, and they aren't even all hardcore META players, and Raptors are base decoration.
  13. My experience from playing on Official for approximately 8000 hours is basically a cautionary tale. I have my time split approximately 90/10 between PvE/PvP, and I can tell you: The "community" that naturally exists on Official is mostly people griefing, ignoring, hoarding/selling, lagging, kiting, reporting, lambasting, griefing more, stealing, and chastising, with a smattering of waking up to a respawn screen because some asstard found the one tiny hole in your base and dragged you to your drowned death. Then the server "community" tells you it is your fault and tells you to build a better base. It sucks that it is their instinct to say it is your fault, but it is the correct thing for them to say. When I wasn't wasting my time on PvP, I found in my over 7000 hours on Official PvE (this is not a flex, this is to show that I played the goddamn game, I didn't stuff troughs and sit in my base) breeding/raising Gigas, killing Alpha bosses with my own dino lines, and exploring maps/caves with friends or solo that on any of the 7 servers I played on, there were people who actively sought to subvert and snuff out any community. I recall some did it for the sake of rivalry: An old beef, old tribes that refused to leave, so the server suffered with kiting and collateral damage, DDOS'ing to be spiteful, invading bossfights, more kiting, resource-foundationing, and on and on. No amount of reporting helped ever. Some did it for the sake of profit: If they kept everyone fighting and pissed off, they wouldn't notice when events started and they uncryo'ed 350 dinos to tamecap the server so they could control tames and then they could tame, clone, and sell back to the server freely. Fun times. But most did it for the sake of chaos: Just being an asshole for the sake of assholes everywhere. Multiple storage tribes on non-canon maps with lower server-tamecaps so they could laugh, kiting and running, or kiting and openly bragging in Global before being reported by 5 people and then continuing to be seen every single day on server for the next 2 months meaning: no result to reporting. PvE-raiding during ORP countdown window, tribal alliance war mechanism used to raid people, and on and on. It might be best to get as far away from the "community" of Official PvE as possible, because most of what it is is a dookie-festival of nonsense. Every server had multiples of these instances, sometimes it was an individual and sometimes it was a whole tribe. I latched on to one part of your response, I know... But Official's lack of policing on PvE makes it tough to find actual friends and community. It isn't non-existent, but overall it supports deviant behavior.
  14. As @MightyBanana said, PvP will inevitably result in your base being wiped, even on Unofficial. Official PvP will result in it being wiped daily, or if you get lucky, weekly. Especially if you are a somewhat chill-out player, PvP isn't the place to go. There are people on PvP who look for chill-out style players specifically to grief them in the hopes that they rage over in-game voice, and they can catch it on record for some sweet cry-face emojis and upload it to YouTube. PvE communities exist, they are just more rare. As far as what server, I would love to say Ragnarok, but it is usually very laggy during server-save times and it will be bothersome. Maybe start on SE? Lower population, cool build locations, a few non-standard tames, its a nice server to start on. But I love SE so I'm a bit biased.
  15. TheDonn

    Ob peace

    Is this for PvP or PvE? Do you mean making the Oby like a safe-zone on PvP?
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