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  1. Hype guys the hype. Your going to love this patch <3
  2. You really going to love this update and the reveal guys and gals!
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/483368526568900632/ Survivor, DracoDrake55 asks, “Would the console version of Ark have a way to host your own server and/or mods?” Answer: It does indeed! At least on Xbox One thus far ;)!
  4. Ahh, Well Gamer Perfection for your crimes against 100 Dodo's, that will be 100 shock lashes.... I may need to go farm another Electric prod.
  5. Swat raids on people's houses anyone? Me: "Get on the ground!" Victim: "Why!? I have nothing but dodo's." Me: "Exactly, I suspect dodo abuse is happening." cause save the dodo!
  6. The plasma sword.... Where have you been all my Ark life?! What must I do to become a Sith lord of the ark! So excited for their release.
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