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  1. normally i would agree but it is much easier to transfer with all the heavy items rather than uploading them
  2. Been having the same thing put a ticket in, the gm didn't even read or look at the ticket just said sorry for losing your character please book an appointment and we can restore levels. Then i clarify what has happened he then links me a server down report.
  3. Ok is there any plans to help with the language problems on mainly english speaking servers where we cant communicate with some of the players because we cant read what they type. Some of those players are greifing us and they know they are but hide behind the language barrier because we cant see their name to report them

  4. @Jat can you clarify the problem with beaver dams, i have noticed on every server i have played on that there is always someone screaming about the noobs who leave wood in the dams and take the rest. Can beaver dams spawn with only wood in them or do they always spawn with a mix of items in them.


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